Monday, March 15, 2010

Perry Roubaix Race Report

That race was harder than expected. Road bike skills in the dirt OK but need some work. Good thing that race is once a year.

50 miles, 4 loops, 2 miles of dirt road. Cold at the start, overdresses. Hot by second lap. Overheating by the 4th lap. Had the beater bike and training wheels which made the race even harder. Learned the dirt was like running on sand. Hard pack and a half a dozen soft sliding sections. And a lot of riders can't control their bikes. Had “delusions of grandeur” on the 3rd lap and went to the front after the hills to push the pace in the wind and onto the dirt road with the idea that maybe the front group would split down to 15 or so riders, blew up toward the end of the road and had to chase back on. On the 4th loop, I was at the back of the lead pack coming out of the dirt road and got gapped. Chased with 2 other riders, only one helped. Got within 50 yards of the field right before the finish. Had to watch the sprint from just off the back. I wanted to sprint against the masters racers but... didn't happen.

25th of 60 or so starters. Good test of the legs on how far to push them. This was a C race and pushed the legs hard all week. Lots of time with the heart rate over 180. Union City next week.

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