Friday, September 11, 2009

Universal Sports now on Direct TV!

Thank GOD! In a hissy about the price Comcast (owner of Versus) wanted to charge Direct TV to broadcast the channel, DTV stopped broadcasting this month when the contract expired... SUX - one of the only channels I watch, the only channel that had cycling. Tour de France and most of the classics are now gone :( - BUT, they picked up Universal Sports which has MORE coverage as of now. I watched the Giro on my laptop wired to the TV on there. They are also broadcasting La Vuelta (tour of Spain) the last grand tour of the year. So far, awesome! Haven't watched Stage 12 (today) yet but now I can TIVO it! and not watching LOW res versions. It's on 604 if you have Direct TV. (plus lots of other sports all day long)

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