Friday, September 11, 2009

Share the Road Century

This post was for the ride last Monday on Labor Day. My 3rd Centry in 9 days. No kick in the legs but the numbers say I was doing the same amount of work as the first two. I'm taking the recap written by David Hicks:

"Great ride. Hilly. Nice temperatures. A smaller century - but still well supported.

Started out with the usual throng of freds doing all sorts of stupid things. Soon the paceline started and the group was whittled right down. I think around mile 60 I turned to Marc and said "it's going to be just the 2 of us by the end". I was close - we had 1 other chap, a hairy-legged fellow who was quite fit. The last 10 miles had slimmed us down from 6 to the final 3.

Not a fast century, by any means; 4:40. Certainly not ever a sub-4 candidate - it's just too hilly.

We were caught by the Sundayride group at one point. Rode with them until one of their riders had a mechanical. Never saw them again.

Beautiful roads. The only exception being Hwy 92 - it was busy. Directions were pretty good, especially if you were paying attention."

Stats... 4:40 time, 21.8 mph, 5926 feet of climbing, 149 avg hr, 213 avg watts, 242 norm power

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