Saturday, September 19, 2009

Beautiful Backroads Century 2009

Holy hell that was a different kind of fun. Maybe 80 to 100 riders at the start, down to about 30 after 5 miles. Dry roads and now rain for the first 1.5 hours... then rain on and off. Most riders opted for the 60 mile loop. Shortly after it ended up Roy Simmons - Outspoken/Strenflex some young RBM rider and myself. I thought the ride was rolling hills. It was for the first 60. They saved most of the climbing for mile 60 to 85, ouch. After 75 miles I had to just sit on as I didn't have the legs to work as much as the other 2. RBM guy blew up at 90 miles. I didn't have much more. We slowed down and finished together after suffering in the rain all day. The 3 of us finished in 4:40 with 103 miles. I swear my kit was white when I started.

Then drove straight to the mall to do some shopping with the family.

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