Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend Rides

After a non-scheduled recovery week (only rode Tues since last Sat.) because of work, weather and 0 motivation I managed to make it out both days this weekend. 2 parties on Friday with alcohol helped (fun party Jeff!)

Tucker Ride Sat. around the usual pace 23.76 mph (242 avg watts for the group ride and 276 normalized power - group ride is about 1.5 hours). Adam led me out for the final sprint (got 2nd). Out to Silk Sheets (the sunday ride group) today. 70 miles, 22.2 mph (210 avg watts and 251 normalized power for 3:08 ride time) and as Chad has stated before... a death march. Great weather, did lots of work for the first 2 hours and paid the price for the last hour. Burned up way too many matches. Didn't bring enough food but managed. Fun day on the bike. Surprisingly good legs for not doing much the last two weeks.

Headed to the state crit champs next Saturday and the Cartersville Century on the 27th, anyone... anyone?


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