Friday, June 5, 2009

Blog Down...

Transfered to new servers and have had some issues with the blog ever since. Haven't been able to make any updates. Not much to talk about anyway.

Recap: Giro's over, I'm sad. Watched every day, great race. Parents came for a visit. I raced stage 5 of the Tour of Atlanta, 15th place. They took the GC category out so no point in doing 7 races. Went and saw a local MMA fight with Reger. Took Aidan to see UP yesterday because he's a super duper pooper! Non scheduled recovery week this week. Thinking about riding the Cartersville Century on the 27th. Lots of work to do, just need to find time to do it... IE 6 causing me some headaches... who uses it now anyway? Family night at the neighborhood pool and then off to Jeff B's party.

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