Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cartersville Century 2009

Hot Hot Hot... 8:00 start but blazing hot before 10:00 am. Stayed with the front group and made the mistake of pulling a few times. Not part of the plan. Looked like everyone was stopping for water at the 50 mile rest stop but 8 to 12 others continued on. 2 min. water fill-up let Reger, 1 other rider and myself to not really chase but see if we could catch the front couple of guys. The trailing pack caught us 5 or so miles down the road. Stomach turned on me at 60 miles. Made it to the rest stop at mile 82 picking up a few people coming off the front group and with what was left of our group down to about 7 people. Could barley drink now. Avg pace so far was 21.8 mph with avg watts at 181 and NP at 214 for 3 hours 45 minutes. The engine was gone, no food or drink going down, just back up at mile 87. Crawled to the finish (4.5 hours total) Ride was 94 miles with an optional loop around the park to get to 100. I passed. Thanks to Adam for dragging me back to the start even though he was cramping and to Dana for driving me back to Atlanta and lastly Reger for leaving a perfect text message to the world and made me smile at the end even though I didn't feel like it. No more century rides for me if the temp is in the 90's! Start weight 168 lbs. Finish weight 155 lbs. 5122 feet of climbing for the day.

Georgia Cup State Crit Race

19th, decent race average finish due to missing the breakaway that stuck. I'll get back to this post.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend Rides

After a non-scheduled recovery week (only rode Tues since last Sat.) because of work, weather and 0 motivation I managed to make it out both days this weekend. 2 parties on Friday with alcohol helped (fun party Jeff!)

Tucker Ride Sat. around the usual pace 23.76 mph (242 avg watts for the group ride and 276 normalized power - group ride is about 1.5 hours). Adam led me out for the final sprint (got 2nd). Out to Silk Sheets (the sunday ride group) today. 70 miles, 22.2 mph (210 avg watts and 251 normalized power for 3:08 ride time) and as Chad has stated before... a death march. Great weather, did lots of work for the first 2 hours and paid the price for the last hour. Burned up way too many matches. Didn't bring enough food but managed. Fun day on the bike. Surprisingly good legs for not doing much the last two weeks.

Headed to the state crit champs next Saturday and the Cartersville Century on the 27th, anyone... anyone?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Blog Down...

Transfered to new servers and have had some issues with the blog ever since. Haven't been able to make any updates. Not much to talk about anyway.

Recap: Giro's over, I'm sad. Watched every day, great race. Parents came for a visit. I raced stage 5 of the Tour of Atlanta, 15th place. They took the GC category out so no point in doing 7 races. Went and saw a local MMA fight with Reger. Took Aidan to see UP yesterday because he's a super duper pooper! Non scheduled recovery week this week. Thinking about riding the Cartersville Century on the 27th. Lots of work to do, just need to find time to do it... IE 6 causing me some headaches... who uses it now anyway? Family night at the neighborhood pool and then off to Jeff B's party.

Hang out here often?

Is Aidan getting a swim lesson or pickin up older chicks?