Monday, May 18, 2009

2009 State Road Race Championships

… Saturday is a day I will remember for a long time. I race my bike as an amateur because I love it. I put the hours in because I’m a competitive person and want to race well. I’ve always been one for trying to find my limits in whatever it is I’m doing. The upfront cost is time away from family and friends and the potential for injury. The rewards are a healthy lifestyle and bragging rights… because it isn’t for the money.

The outcome of the day gave our team 3 podium spots including 2 state champion jerseys and 4 injured riders including 2 that went to the hospital and 1 with a broken femur. My family asks the question, “is it worth it?”

The races – Kirk Corsello won the Masters 40-45 (and the race) with the help of 4 other teammates (Jeff B, Keith, Ty and Reid).

Our race, Cat 3, was 68 miles with 5 loops around a rolling hills course 13 miles. Mostly downhill on the front half with up on the second half. Timing was good for me because I’ve scheduled my season to peak around this time of year. Good legs and ready to go after the jersey. Breaks tried to form throughout the race, unsuccessfully. They never lasted more than 5 miles.  On the last loop, about 10 miles from the finish, a group of 6 or so riders got off the front. People were bridging across and started to look dangerous as the group grew to 12 people. Chad wanted to bridge across and had an opening on the right side of the road to move past the front of the peleton. We were bunched up, one lane road, going just over 30 mph. As Chad came even with the front line, the rider to his left moved to the right and they locked handlebars. Chad went down pulling the other rider on top of him. Most of the peleton went down in the domino effect after that.

I was sitting on the far left, next to the yellow line trying to find a line through the front (the yellow line rule says we NEVER cross the center of the road except in a sprint). As the pile of riders started to fan across the road I darted left, across the adjacent lane into the grass and around a road sign 3 feet into the grass. (Of course while other riders were dodging moving everywhere). I made it back onto the road and looked back to see the carnage. Knowing I couldn’t do anything, I hit the gas to catch the remnants of riders who made it through. 15 or so of us grouped together. I desperately wanted to join the front group and started yelling at the riders to work together and form a rotating pace line to chase down the breakaway. Only 4 of us were doing any work while the others sat in and drafted. On a few occasions riders would attack us trying to bridge up by themselves which we knew wasn’t going to work, why waste the energy? After 4 or 5 miles of not getting much help and not getting any closer to the front group, Greg, a teammate also in our group, reminded me that we had 2 guys in the breakaway who a  better chance to win if we didn’t catch them. True. I moved back and sat in to let some others work for a little while. None of the peleton survivors caught us but not sure if they ever formed much a group either.

Greg was going to help lead me out for the sprint if we’re all still together for the final. He did anyway even though we were going for 13th place. Perfect lead-out and I took off at 300 yards for the line. Thought we were done, didn’t hear or see anyone but got picked on the line by somebody. Finished 14th. Never let up, but just didn’t have a huge reason to kill myself for a spot so far back.

At the front, Nate won the race with Adam taking second. A state jersey and 2 podium spots.

4 teammates went down in the crash. Steve and Erik ended up with road rash. Graham went to the hospital. Nothing broken, just bruised and beat up. Chad has a broken femoral neck (where the leg attaches to the hip). 3 screws to put it back together. Surgery went well but he has months of rehab.

I moved out of the Cat 4’s to get away from all the crashes. Not much has changed here in the 3’s. Masters?

I'll be on the bike tonight...

We Won a Silver Award @ Horizon Interactive Awards 2009

The development team including Frequency 650, Ground-0 Communications and Hamiter Inc won a silver award at the Horizon Interactive Awards ( from over 2000 entrys world wide for


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Leslie!

Want to See a Band? - put in your zip code and move the map around town to see who's playing tonight. Links to the artists website, venue, cost and start time. Great tool!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


If you didn't know, the first of the 3 grand tours has started. Today was Stage 4. Universal Sports picked up coverage at the last minute and can be watched every day on Comcast here in Atlanta (which I don't have since Direct TV doesn't have it) or online at I have yet to see the live coverage (got some kind of error today) BUT, they post the coverage on the site to be streamed later in the day. Watched Stage 3 while on the rollers last night.

Big Wheel Exercise Bike - sculpture, design, work out


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sunny King Crit 2009

Saturday May 2nd in Aniston, AL. The only NRC race in the Southeast this year other than the 100K at the end of the year. I was in for the Cat 2/3 race. A little above my pay grade. I didn't expect to do great but thought I could hang... I was wrong. Made it exactly 30 minutes of the 1 hour crit before the engine shut down. Not as fast at the Roswell crits the weekend before but the long uphill drag on the front took it's told on the legs and lungs. Avg hr at 185. Above that after the first 10 minutes. My fitness is starting to drop. Work stress, I haven't put the hours in and my slack diet are starting to take a toll.

Photo by Carol and Jeff

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Just Launched - R.M. Bondurant Construction, Inc. - General contractor for residential construction. New homes, renovations, kitchens, baths, hardscapes, wine cellars and decks.

RM Bondurant Construction, Inc.

Just Launched - The Shops on El Paseo - The Crown Jewel of the Desert.
Programmed in flash for Blue Marble Media / The Voyager Group - A simple portal website for the high end retailers in this shopping location.