Sunday, April 26, 2009

Athens / Roswell Crit Weekend 2009

Saturday Cat 3 Athens morning qualifier. 99 racers. HOT. Few racers cold figure out how to go through the corner without a fist full of break so it was 45 minutes of BREAK, SPRINT bunch up, no passing, repeat 4 times a lap. Had nothing in the legs for the sprint in the end. Never felt great. Didn’t qualify for the night race. Stayed for the day and watched the Am finals, women pro and start of mens pro. Props to Mike Pisarri for finishing 25th in the finals.

Athens photos (thanks Adam)
athens1.jpg athens2.jpg athens3.jpg athens4.jpg athens5.jpg athens6.jpg athens7.jpg athens8.jpg athens9.jpg


Leslie and Aidan came for the day and watched me race Roswell. It was great to have them around.

Sunday Roswell Cat 3/4  race. 80+ riders. 26.7 avg mph. 180 avg hr. Felt very good the entire race. Team tried a break  but got pulled back. Chad went to the front with 3 laps to go but no one else was around so we got swallowed up with 2 laps to go and were too far back for the last lap. Made up a bunch of spots on the back side and in the sprint but not enough. Finished 17th.

Sunday Roswell Masters race. 80+ riders. 26.9 avg mph. 185 avg hr. 44 minutes. Just barely faster than the first race but made it difficult to move around (being my second race for the day also didn't help the legs). I was supposed to help Kirk for the finish but in the end was just holding on. Giant mess at the finish, lap counter at 2 to go, announcer called 1 to go. Motorcycle chasing us calling 2 to go but couldn’t get to the front with all the riders strung out. I hammered out another lap thinking they may call a finish on the next lap. Half sat up. Offered us a 3 lap sprint off to make up for the mistake. Left the course and didn’t know what was happening until after it started. Our guy Kirk won the real race but they didn’t give it to him. As usual, Roswell is a mess.

Roswell photos (thanks Carol)
roswell1.jpg roswell2.jpg roswell3.jpg roswell4.jpg

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