Sunday, April 12, 2009

70 miles Easter Silk Sheets Ride 2009

Ouch. Tired from the car ride home yesterday, not enough time on the bike the last 2 weeks and the 2 hard days in the wind in Florida. This is the usual Sunday hammerfest ride with the big boys made up of mostly Cat 1,2 and masters riders. 25 or so riders today. Slow start, broke away with 1 other rider after the first nature stop to get things going. There was a spit at the half way point. Had to bridge up to it. After that 3 riders, including my teammate Kirk, pulls for 30+ minutes. One long line of riders, dead quiet, everyone was working. Ried (another teammate) on a TT bike hits the front at 35+ for a solid effort and annihilates the peleton leaving only 5 of us left for the final 15+ miles. Only took a have a dozen or so pulls today, mostly chasing. Power file says the ride wasn't any different than the last few races but seemed much harder.

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