Sunday, March 22, 2009

Union City Omnium

Another tough weekend of racing but the legs are getting stronger.

Cat 3 - 10th in the Time Trial, 23rd in the Criterium and 13th in the Road Race

Early morning 8:32 TT start in the cold but no rain for a change. Big rolling hills on highway 92. 9.77 miles, 24.5 avg mph, 178 avg hr. Starting to get the heart rate back up with more intensity in the training and got a good warm-up in finally. 276 watts for 23:53. I should have been able to produce more power than this. Need to look at my riding position some more. Faster guys starting to show up so I'm happy with this result. 22 GC guys. Only 15 seconds off of 6th place. I'm getting much better at these events with practice.

5:30 crit around a mall in the afternoon. Went back home for the day, which was nice. 40+ riders all thinking they could win. I sat in for the 51 minute race only moving to the front a couple of time to see how hard it would be to pass when I needed to. Strong legs, no problem at any point in the race. Tried to get to the front on the last lap only to be shut down. Still managed to move up to the top 10 or 15 somewhere but opted to take the inside corner on turn 3 and 4 getting cut off and having to hit the brakes. Poor result but raced well (and conservatively). We were all together. Only 3.7 seconds between the winner and me in 23rd. Unfortunately, Mike P got taken out on the finish line.

The road race was great. Mostly a speed fest for almost 3 hours. Kind of like the Airport ride coming back on 29 just for the entire race. 206 avg watts BUT 250 normalized power for almost 3 hours and I felt strong the entire race. I ate 1 cliff bar and 3/4 of one bottle. Opted to try and follow the guy who won the crit race the day before up to the last corner instead of going around... bad decision and cost me quite a few spots. OK finish at 13th but had the legs to finish better. Again, we were all together, only 1.8 seconds off of first.

I'm learning that the margin for error in the 3's is very slim and costs 20 positions if you hesitate or make a bad choice. Racing here is more exciting, the riders are more skilled (though still do some dumb things) and there are a lot more riders who can win each race. It's making me a better rider and racer. It's early in the season and hopefully, I'll continue to get stronger.

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