Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cat 3 Gainesville Road Race 2009

Needed some family time and not get up in the dark both days on the weekend so just the Road Race on this one. It was a different course than last year, mostly rolling hills. 48 guys. Very cold. A little windy. No rain and not wet for a change. 68 miles. As has been the last 3 races, we had 2 guys in the top of the GC at first and 2nd spots so the team (9 of us) was riding for Adam and Nate mostly. They are time trial demons. Adam ended up winning the overall. I covered a bunch of breaks/ accelerations and bridged to a couple of them. Tried a breakaway late on the second lap but didn’t get any help so that only lasted about 4 or so miles. Recovered and won the last KOM on the third lap. We were bunched up on a 1 lane road for the finish (not where we started) with cones to mark the finish. I was supposed to be in the lead-out train for Adam but was stuck on the wrong side of the peleton. I wasn’t far enough forward in the bunch and didn’t realize we were already at the end. A bad position or decision at the end has caused me 10+ spots 2 weekends in a row. Good legs, just need to be more tactical and concentrated at the finish. I'm going to get it right soon. Finished 17th.

Stats: 23.2 avg mph, 2:55 ride time, 215 avg watts with 260 nominal power (higher than last week but felt easier), 149 avg hr, 2273 kj.

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