Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cat 3 Gainesville Road Race 2009

Needed some family time and not get up in the dark both days on the weekend so just the Road Race on this one. It was a different course than last year, mostly rolling hills. 48 guys. Very cold. A little windy. No rain and not wet for a change. 68 miles. As has been the last 3 races, we had 2 guys in the top of the GC at first and 2nd spots so the team (9 of us) was riding for Adam and Nate mostly. They are time trial demons. Adam ended up winning the overall. I covered a bunch of breaks/ accelerations and bridged to a couple of them. Tried a breakaway late on the second lap but didn’t get any help so that only lasted about 4 or so miles. Recovered and won the last KOM on the third lap. We were bunched up on a 1 lane road for the finish (not where we started) with cones to mark the finish. I was supposed to be in the lead-out train for Adam but was stuck on the wrong side of the peleton. I wasn’t far enough forward in the bunch and didn’t realize we were already at the end. A bad position or decision at the end has caused me 10+ spots 2 weekends in a row. Good legs, just need to be more tactical and concentrated at the finish. I'm going to get it right soon. Finished 17th.

Stats: 23.2 avg mph, 2:55 ride time, 215 avg watts with 260 nominal power (higher than last week but felt easier), 149 avg hr, 2273 kj.

Monsters VS Aliens

Took Aidan to the movies on Saturday. I liked the it. Leslie didn't. Aidan said,"Naa".

Health update: He seems to be over his ear infections and pink eye. Now if I can just stop coughing and stop my head from draining maybe things can get back to normal for at least a few days.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Union City Omnium

Another tough weekend of racing but the legs are getting stronger.

Cat 3 - 10th in the Time Trial, 23rd in the Criterium and 13th in the Road Race

Early morning 8:32 TT start in the cold but no rain for a change. Big rolling hills on highway 92. 9.77 miles, 24.5 avg mph, 178 avg hr. Starting to get the heart rate back up with more intensity in the training and got a good warm-up in finally. 276 watts for 23:53. I should have been able to produce more power than this. Need to look at my riding position some more. Faster guys starting to show up so I'm happy with this result. 22 GC guys. Only 15 seconds off of 6th place. I'm getting much better at these events with practice.

5:30 crit around a mall in the afternoon. Went back home for the day, which was nice. 40+ riders all thinking they could win. I sat in for the 51 minute race only moving to the front a couple of time to see how hard it would be to pass when I needed to. Strong legs, no problem at any point in the race. Tried to get to the front on the last lap only to be shut down. Still managed to move up to the top 10 or 15 somewhere but opted to take the inside corner on turn 3 and 4 getting cut off and having to hit the brakes. Poor result but raced well (and conservatively). We were all together. Only 3.7 seconds between the winner and me in 23rd. Unfortunately, Mike P got taken out on the finish line.

The road race was great. Mostly a speed fest for almost 3 hours. Kind of like the Airport ride coming back on 29 just for the entire race. 206 avg watts BUT 250 normalized power for almost 3 hours and I felt strong the entire race. I ate 1 cliff bar and 3/4 of one bottle. Opted to try and follow the guy who won the crit race the day before up to the last corner instead of going around... bad decision and cost me quite a few spots. OK finish at 13th but had the legs to finish better. Again, we were all together, only 1.8 seconds off of first.

I'm learning that the margin for error in the 3's is very slim and costs 20 positions if you hesitate or make a bad choice. Racing here is more exciting, the riders are more skilled (though still do some dumb things) and there are a lot more riders who can win each race. It's making me a better rider and racer. It's early in the season and hopefully, I'll continue to get stronger.

uc1.jpg uc2.jpg uc3.jpg uc4.jpg uc5.jpg uc6.jpg

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Web Turns 20

On March 13th 1989, Tim Berners-Lee, a software consultant working at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, authored "Information Management: A proposal", a plan to management on how to better monitor the flow of research.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Rome Omnium

Cat3 - Time Trial - 5th, Crit - DNF, Road Race 23rd, Overall 25th.

Tough 2 days of racing in the cold rain. Saturday 8:39 am TT start time at 40 degrees, wind and cold rain 2 hours away. Little warm-up (couldn't find the race location and sign-up was a little slow). 289 avg watts for the TT, 15:44 time. Lower power than I wanted and lower than the longer event at Tundra but I went faster so I think my new TT position is working for me. Avg hr only 169 (it was freezing). My teammates, Adam got first and Nate got 2nd. I got 6 points for 5th.

I sat around all day in the rain until our 5:30 crit. Waffle House breakfast, Subway lunch, tried to go to the movies but nothing started until 2:00. Read a book. Note for the future, this is very hard on me. Felt OK before the start, warmed up. Wet roads, 6 turns with a climb just before the start finish. On lap number 6 my front wheel slid out on an off camber corner, slid about 4 feet but managed to save it and keep the bike up. After that I was nervous going into each corner and had to work hard out of the corner to close the gaps. It only took a couple more laps of repeated accelerating before the legs couldn't keep up with the group. Poor end to the day. Left at 5:30am and got home at 8:30pm.

Sunday's road race is said the be the hardest course all year. 52 miles of rollers with a 2 mile climb half way and again at the finish with the early sections at 9% grade. Again, raining wet and cold. 40 riders on the Cat 3’s. My job for the day (since I can't climb) was to keep the group together until the first climb, since Nate was in 1st on the GC and Adam was in 3rd. Sometimes pushing the pace so no one goes off the front, chasing people down, closing gaps or just plan taking up the road so no one comes around (small roads and you can't go over the yellow line). Hatfield and I did our jobs and I spent an hour on the front of the race before the climb. My legs were close to toast when we hit the climb and we moved out of the way and let the peleton go by. My job was done. From there it turned it into a training ride and worked with one other rider on the second lap. And we worked too because our avg speed was just as fast on my solo loop as with the peleton. We passed dozens of riders either slow, blown or quitting. I finished at the top 7 minutes after the last person from the broken peleton and 30 seconds before the masters racers finished (who started 5 minutes after us). Another teammate took 3rd for the day and first overall, Kirk Corsello, in the masters race. 8 mile ride down the mountain back to the start. Avg power for 2 hours 36 minutes 218 watts. Normalized power 248 watts(calculation based on smoothing out the high power output and lower power output if you just worked at a steady effort and what your body thinks happed). Nate finished 1st overall and Adam 3rd. Good day for the team. I’m hoping this gets my legs ready for races more suited to me.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Deck is Done

Just finished today. Figures since it's going to rain all weekend and I'll be racing in Rome.

deck1.jpg deck2.jpg deck3.jpg deck4.jpg deck5.jpg deck6.jpg

Monday, March 9, 2009

Aidan is sick

Had feavers on and off Sat and Sunday. Headed to the doctor this morning.

UPDATE: 3/13/2009
After 3 days of fevers and a trip to the doc's (no strep and no flu - wait it out and he'll get better, thanks.) It turned into a cough for 3 days. He seems to be on tail end of it now. When he starts eating again I'll know he's back to himself.

TT Ride Saturday + Airport Ride Sunday

Short 1.5 hour ride on Saturday to try out the new TT bike position. Made some adjustments on the trainer and felt OK but hadn't had a chance to test on the road yet. Feels faster but who really knows.

I rode to the start of the Airport ride from my house. Completely missed timed it and missed the group by 11 minutes. Continued down the road to the nature stop but they had already left. Rode the loop backwards and caught the short loop group just after they hit 29. 5 teammates pulling at the front. (But mostly it was Mark Linenberg) Pace back up to 26 mph all the way back then back to Tucker. 70 miles in about 3:40. Steady power output all day. Legs are pretty beat up.

Friday, March 6, 2009

New Deck

Finally got a new deck going up. Frame and joists are in. Hopefully be done by Monday.

Power Classes are Done

Last night was our last class, #26. This class significantly helped me in getting sustainable power to where it needed to be for the race season. Along with the other tools and training I've been doing, weights, plyos, rollers and increased training hours, I think I'm ready to put the hammer down on the competition. As soon as I can get rid of this 3 week long cold.

Three races this weekend and great weather but I'm passing and hope to take on the next three weekend Omi Georgia Cup events. Good luck to my Aaron's teammates this weekend.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's been snowing now for 6 hours

Very light now and starting to melt but man it was dumping all day. Very cool. Doesn't happen here very often.