Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Training and Power Class #21 w/Test

After the TT Sat. my family came into town so just 1.5 easy hours on the rollers Sunday.

30 min of core work and 1 hour of P90X plyos on Monday.

PC #21 - I was feeling sick and thought I had a fever but had a meeting near class toward the end of the day so I though I would go anyway since I had my gear with me.

1 hour warm-up (arrived early)
5 min max test (first minute ramp up to sustainable pace and record last 4 minutes)
5 min recovery
2nd 5 min test
4 min in zone 2 then 1 min zone 3 and repeat 3 times
cool down

Test one: 417 avg watts, 180 hr (195max), 119 cad
Test two: 402 avg watts, 180 hr (194max),96 cad

These numbers destroyed my previous efforts. I'm not sure why. I had my recovery week last week and was well rested (except for feeling Ill). Did plyos the day before and was hobbling into class. Mind over matter? Since I mistakenly thought I needed to be above 423 watts when my last test was 323 watts. I'm starting to adapt to the efforts I put in all winter? I don't know but I'll take it.

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