Sunday, January 11, 2009

Airport - Long Loop

65.8 miles. First ride in the new Aaron's Kit. Big show of force with lots of team riders out today. 43 degrees for most of the ride. Met Reger, Dana and Pissari at Outback and rode to the start. Good legs today but did try and keep out of the red zone. Used Reger up pulling for one of the county line sprints (that no one cares about or tried for) and promptly shot him out the back of the group. Yes, it's my fault he got dropped, as the long climbs came up I went ahead and stayed at the front to the top of them. I'm taking credit because its never happened before and will probably never happen again. Also recall telling Reger on the WBL that my legs weren't great but would be fine as long as the tempo wasn't too fast. Not 1 minute later he was on the front pulling at 25 mph for an hour. Irony... or payback. No store stop today but I made sure I could get to food so no bonk. Wanted to sprint for the last sprint line but followed Chad way early and couldn't get to the line. Good day on the bike. The training is paying off. Hoping it will continue as the race season gets under way.

Ordered my 2009 racing license.

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