Monday, January 5, 2009

1.5 Hour Rollers

With some stupid roller tricks. Rollers are great for working on smoothing out your pedal stroke and balance. The training would have been a bit monotonous but since I'm new on rollers I thought I would work on some "tricks". 1 leg drills - this was more difficult since I put new cleats on and changed the cleat position on the bike, genius. Lasted about 1 minute on each foot before either the leg burned out or I got tired of the squirlyness. Only got back into the cleats half the time. Next was drinking water from my water bottle on the bike - YES. Next was 120 rpm cadence work. This is harder on the roller than on the road or trainer so I didn't last very long. Last was standing up and riding. Only lasted about 1 minute but successful. And, repeat. Also pulled off one track stand trying not to ride off the side.

Finished off with 30 minutes of core work and stretching. (No I didn't take yesterday off. 1 hour recovery ride)

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