Saturday, January 31, 2009

Trainer + Core + plyos + Trainer

In that order for 30 minutes each = 2 hours. Good to break up the workout, get the time in and cover all the bases. Some high cadence work on the trainer.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Power Class #16

Warm up
40 minutes at 249 watts
cool down

Interesting that this is about the same amount of time it took to climb Neal's on Sunday with perhaps more effort and significantly less watts (than on the real bike).

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1 Hour Gym + 1 Hour Rollers

My first strength maintenance weight work this morning. I'm done with the heavy stuff. This is the one I will do once a week through the season. Got on the rollers tonight for a zone 2 spin and watched Aliens vs Preditor: Requium... below average.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Power Class #15

Tough night. Too much to give the specifics but here is an image of the file. I warmed up for 40 minutes before the start. Started to fall apart on the 5th and 6th set. Legs still a little tired from the Sunday effort.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Bart got a Room

Went to the Jewish film festival last night and watched "Bart got a room". An indy film someone from Leslie's high school made. Based on parts of the writer / directors life (Brian Hecker). High school in south Florida. Going to selected theaters in April. Stared William H. Macy and Cheryl Hines. Brian was around for Q&A after the movie for some interesting insight into the making of the film. Great movie.

3 Gaps

Front 3 with Reger, Dana, Matt W. and Shane. Panera stop for breakfast, Matt forgot his shoes. Counter clockwise from the rock pile. Good pace on the day. Good company. Post ride Moe's stop. 2:10 on the ride time.

Photo_01-50.jpg Photo_01-53.jpg Photo_01-52.jpg Photo_01-55.jpg IMAG0369.jpg

Shane shared his power file with us. We stayed mostly together for the ride and Joe, Shane and I are all about the same weight. Here are the Neals and Wolf climb.

neals.jpg wolf.jpg

Friday, January 23, 2009


P90X style, 1 hour. Not as intense as the ones we did last week but man, they just keep going.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Power Class #14

Good legs today. Recovery week so nothing on Monday or Wednesday. Plyos tomorrow.

20 minutes at 255 watts
5 min recovery
20 minutes at 257 watts
cool down

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Power Class #13

4 min @ 245 watts @ 85 cadence
1 min @ same resistance and increase to 110 cadence, zone 3
2 min recovery
(repeat 3 times)
5 min @ +210 watts
repeat first set
cool down

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Electric Bike that fits into a Backpack 

bike1-365-08.jpg bike2-365-08.jpg

2.5 hours on the Power Bike

Back up to Training Zone since is was cold and raining this morning. 15 min warm-up and 2 solid hours at 218 watts (164 avg hr) then a 10 min cool down. Wanted to see how bad it would hurt to hold zone 2 for two hours with no variation. Not that bad. This put me at 14.75 hours for the week. A little short of the goal but not bad for not a single ride outside. Recovery next week.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

3 hours of Trainer and Rollers

With Reger and Dana. 45 min on the trainer, then 1.5 hours on the rollers, then 52 min back on the trainer for 3 hours and 12 min of work. 80% of a 4 hour outside effort. Time went fairly quickly with music, bad TV and entertainment of the roller newbies trying not to hurt themselves. Stole some of Reger's phone picks. No, I'm not about to bust my arse on the rollers, I was riding with one leg. Was also brave enough to try no hands for a little while.

Photo_01-31.jpg Photo_01-33.jpg Photo_01-37.jpg Photo_01-39.jpg Photo_01-40.jpg Photo_01-38.jpg

Friday, January 16, 2009

Plyos + Trainer

Met Reger and Dana at LA Fitness for day 2 SF 3.0

25 min warm-up on the spin bike
10 min on the elliptical
40 min of plyos... 4 sets, ouch. Core needs some help.
1.25 hours on the trainer at tempo pace

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Power Class #12

Tired today, legs felt it too but still performed. (SufferFest 3.0 day 1)

1 set of 2 min zone2, with zone 3 efforts, 2,4,6,4,2 min - 286,275,280,278,276 watts
then 1.5 min zone 3 60-70 cadence, .5 min zone 5 90+ cadence, 2 min recovery, 4 sets
cool down


45 min recovery spin yesterday

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Power Class #11

Much more reasonable tonight.

45 min warm-up
2 x 20 minute efforts in zone 2 (228-268) variable cadence, 5 min recovery between sets
240 avg watts (170 hr),190 recovery watts, 237 avg watts (176 hr)

Monday, January 12, 2009

New Do

Hair Cut and trip to Starbucks (on Sat. before injury)

hair1.jpg hair2.jpg

Aidan's Big Green Band-Aid

Came down on the leg a little too hard at Bouncing Bob's on Sunday. Wouldn't walk on it for the rest of the day or this morning. 2 doctors trips, x-rays and new green cast for 3 weeks. He's a trooper.

leg1.jpg leg2.jpg leg3.jpg leg4.jpg leg5.jpg

Sunday, January 11, 2009

2008 Bike Year Review

A little reflection time before 2009 goes screaming too far ahead. Changed from Carmichael Training to Training Bible (on my own) which helped me outline my cycling year and organize my training. Started with Sufferfest 2.0, survived a couple of Airport long loops, started doing some regular testing on Joe's computrainer, got a VO2 max test done, rode the Wheels O'fire in the snow (dumb but fun) and decided that yoga didn't help me much. My first big racing season is finished. Raced with Colavita all year and have now moved over to Aaron's. Started as a Cat 5 (though all races were 4/5 or 4 only) and moved up to a Cat 3. I had one race crash, got some rollers and a TT bike!

I trained 490 hours
Logged 6766 miles
13 Pizza Rides
16 Northlake Rides
41 trips to the gym
60 Rides on the trainer...ouch

2008 Season Highlights
Nationally Ranked 11th by USA Cycling in Cat 4 Road Racing (as of 10/2/2008)
Georgia State Road Race Champion (gold medalist)
2nd Pepper Place Alabama State Criterium Championships (silver medalist)
13 top 10 mass start finishes in 2008 Season
Ranked 23rd in Georgia Cup GC, only entered 6 of 21 races for ranking (crashed in one of them)
2008 Season (22 races)
1st Union City Georgia State Championship Road Race
2nd Pepper Criterium Alabama State Criterium Championship
7th South Carolina State Road Race Championship
13th LaGrange Georgia State Criterium Championship

4th Athens Twilight Greenway Races Criterium (qualified for Pro race)
4th Gainesville Georgia Cup Criterium
6th Gainesville Georgia Cup Road Race
6th Atlanta Crit Series (Sunday)
6th Atlanta Crit Series (Friday)
9th Dog Days of Summer - Cherokee County Road Race

Tour of Atlanta Stage Race Overall Stage Race Finish - 11th
Stage 1 - 13th Time Trial
Stage 2 – Sprints, qualified for final (stupid pedal)
Stage 3 – 6th Circuit race
Stage 4 – 5th Team Time Trial
Stage 5 – 7th Road Race
Stage 6 – 6th Criterium
Stage 7 – 9th Criterium

It was a good year. Thanks to my riding friends for the fun and serious hurting you put on me to make me a better rider but mostly THANK YOU Leslie for putting up with all my s*^t to do this. I love you!

Airport - Long Loop

65.8 miles. First ride in the new Aaron's Kit. Big show of force with lots of team riders out today. 43 degrees for most of the ride. Met Reger, Dana and Pissari at Outback and rode to the start. Good legs today but did try and keep out of the red zone. Used Reger up pulling for one of the county line sprints (that no one cares about or tried for) and promptly shot him out the back of the group. Yes, it's my fault he got dropped, as the long climbs came up I went ahead and stayed at the front to the top of them. I'm taking credit because its never happened before and will probably never happen again. Also recall telling Reger on the WBL that my legs weren't great but would be fine as long as the tempo wasn't too fast. Not 1 minute later he was on the front pulling at 25 mph for an hour. Irony... or payback. No store stop today but I made sure I could get to food so no bonk. Wanted to sprint for the last sprint line but followed Chad way early and couldn't get to the line. Good day on the bike. The training is paying off. Hoping it will continue as the race season gets under way.

Ordered my 2009 racing license.

Photo_01-25.jpg Photo_01-27.jpg Photo_01-26.jpg

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gym + Ride

1 hour weights. Probably my last heavy weight workout and back to maintenance (my version of it anyway). Plyo time!

2 hour ride to Stone MTN. Sunny and 50+ degrees. I haven't ridden outside, not in a group ride, much at all since the time change. Legs are tired but strong. Felt like I was riding in sand.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Power Class #10

OUCH, oh hell that hurt, just plain mean.

7 min in zone 3, 3 min in zone 2 (repeat 4 times) variable cadence for the last set
9 min in zone 2

Core work and stretching yesterday


Happy Birthday Mom!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Power Class #9

Almost the same as the New Years day ride. Strong tonight.

40 min warmup
set start ——
1.5 min zone 3 (above 266 watts but I stayed closer to 285) - 65 to 70 cadence
30 sec zone 5 (above 325 watts, more like 370+) left the resistence and increased to 85+ cadence
2 min recovery
repeat ———

3 sets of 4
5 min recovery between sets

These power zones are based on our test on the first night. We'll be using the numbers from our second test starting Thursday. Hit 150 rpm on my last interval.


Monday, January 5, 2009

1.5 Hour Rollers

With some stupid roller tricks. Rollers are great for working on smoothing out your pedal stroke and balance. The training would have been a bit monotonous but since I'm new on rollers I thought I would work on some "tricks". 1 leg drills - this was more difficult since I put new cleats on and changed the cleat position on the bike, genius. Lasted about 1 minute on each foot before either the leg burned out or I got tired of the squirlyness. Only got back into the cleats half the time. Next was drinking water from my water bottle on the bike - YES. Next was 120 rpm cadence work. This is harder on the roller than on the road or trainer so I didn't last very long. Last was standing up and riding. Only lasted about 1 minute but successful. And, repeat. Also pulled off one track stand trying not to ride off the side.

Finished off with 30 minutes of core work and stretching. (No I didn't take yesterday off. 1 hour recovery ride)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Athens WBL

Jittery Joes Hard Labor of Love route, 85.5 miles, 4 hours, 30 minutes of rain at about 35 miles in, epic. Less climbing than 2 weeks ago - 2324 feet. Around 40 to 45 people on the ride. Most of the group made it to the end. Felt great after about 3 hours, second wind kicked in or something.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Power Bike Ride

Still recovery from sickness. 32 degrees and windy looked really bad for the New Years Day silk sheets ride. Headed over to meet Matt at the Training Zone for a 2 hour power bike ride. It figured Matt had a little workout for us.

30 min warmup
set start ------
1.5 min zone 3 (above 266 watts)
30 sec zone 4/5 (above 300 watts)
2 min recovery
repeat ---------

3 sets of 3
5 min recovery between sets

Good workout, done by lunch, didn't freeze my butt off.