Friday, December 18, 2009

Launched - Mercedes Benz - mbrace - Developed for Blue Marble Media / Hughes Telematics / Mercedes Benz. Frequency 650 provided flash files and flash video templates to support the mbrace safety & security, navigation and convienience services website.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tundra Time Trial 2010

First race of next year. Registration is now open. New course. Get to it!

Family Visit

My parents made it into town twice over the past few weeks. Has some food and caught up. Got to see my Aunt for the first time in 10 years. That was nice. Hope you guys made the trip back home in the rain safe!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Just Launched - Beazer Homes eSmart Home - Flash interactive tour of an eco-friendly home. Renderings and product content provided by Beazer Homes. Frequency 650 matched the existing website look and feel to create an application that highlights 3 potential purchase levels for the eco conscious consumer.

eSmart Home

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Winter Training... Power Class #1

The winter power class at The Training Zone started tonight. 8 of us suffering. Test time. Different than last year. We ramped power up at 2 min. intervals starting with 150 watts and increased 25 watts each time until you explode. Similar to a VO2 Max test. I quit about 1 min into 350 watts.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Just Launched - Structor Group - Atlanta based Construction Company that focuses on education, healthcare, office and specialty commercial construction projects. ColdFusion based site with a full content managment system.

Structor Group

Sunday, November 1, 2009

1st Airport Ride 2009

Been looking forward to this ride. 67 miles for me 63 or so with the group. 22.8 avg mph today. Nice and quick. Probably 60+ people at the start. Smaller than last year's first ride.

Halloween 2009

Aidan was Optimus Prime (Transformer). Not too much rain, 1 group of trick-or-treaters. Aidan got some loot but didn't want to eat it, just open it and give it to us. Grandma S. was here to help walk him around. The Fall Festival was today at his school. Aidan got to ride a pony and run around like a maniac. Pics soon.

Monday, September 28, 2009

6 Gap Century 2009

Perfect weather yesterday. This is the first year I've had riding legs and figured out my nutrition for a ride this long so I set a few goals for myself. First to stay with the front group over Neal's gap. I was just off the back of the 1st chase group. Looked like the front group was about 30 people and the chase group had about 12 people. I caught back on, on the decent. Helped pull somebody else back on as well, who says he owes me a beer when we caught back on the group (though I didn't see him after the ride..hummmm). It was great having help pull through the valley over to Jack's gap. Again I was just off the back over the top. Chased again but was about 150 short of the group before the start of Unicoi. (Decent too short.) By the time I got to Hogpen my legs were blown. My avg speed to this point was 19.1 mph. Lungs were great but legs said I'm done. I kept looking down thinking there's no way I'm in my 27, it's too hard to turn the pedals over. Slowest climb EVER up Hogpen. I stopped at the first stop (which I said I would never do) to get some water and let the blood drain out of my legs + stretch. Had some cramping but pounded some water and it went away. Got to the top and stopped again to hit the bathroom, grab a little food and some more water. On the decent my chain came off and wrapped around my crank arm and was rubbing on my rear rim. Had a small heart attach, stopped and spent a lot more time than I wanted fixing the chain but thankfully still with a working bike and no other issues. Both hands now black with grease would get all over the Aaron's white kit, my bar tape and everything else I touched for the rest of the day. Hooked up with a small group to help pull back over to wolfpen gap. Started eating more and felt good from the top of wolf to the end. My goal was to finish in under 6 hours. I had a 6:08 ride time but 6:19 overall time with the 2 stops and chain issue. A great ride day for me especially since I'm not a climber. I should have eaten more (1/2 cliff bar, 2 crackers and 5 gels. 2 orange slices and some grapes) but never felt like I was going to bonk. No sickness and I could eat after the ride - WOOHOO. Thats a feat in-and-of itself. Stats - 11,332 feet of climbing, 162 avg hr, 16.92 avg mph, 47.3 max speed (not taking the risks these days). A great end to the season.

Results are posted HERE - 96th place of 1000 timed finishers... sweet. I'm guessing close to 1800 people rode or attempted the full ride. Timing chips were optional.

On a very sad note, one of my teammates Mick was hit by a car yesterday while riding his bike and is in critical condition. Thank you to everyone that helped and his family in their time of need. Our thoughts are with him.

6gaps2009 gaps1.jpg gaps2.jpg gaps3.jpg gaps4.jpg gaps5.jpg gaps6.jpg gaps7.jpg

Friday, September 25, 2009

I was invited to stay and play at school today.

Aidan's teacher requested (yesterday) that I come in and play with something called a marble maze. The kids have been discovering how to build a maze out of blocks for a marble to run through. I was there the morning it was introduced but let them discover and create on their own. Today I was to show them some new and creative ways to use the blocks. HUGE TOWER... crazy kids... chaos... it was fun.

New Business Cards

New design, updated address... should have been done long ago.

card1.jpg card2.jpg

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Beautiful Backroads Century 2009

Holy hell that was a different kind of fun. Maybe 80 to 100 riders at the start, down to about 30 after 5 miles. Dry roads and now rain for the first 1.5 hours... then rain on and off. Most riders opted for the 60 mile loop. Shortly after it ended up Roy Simmons - Outspoken/Strenflex some young RBM rider and myself. I thought the ride was rolling hills. It was for the first 60. They saved most of the climbing for mile 60 to 85, ouch. After 75 miles I had to just sit on as I didn't have the legs to work as much as the other 2. RBM guy blew up at 90 miles. I didn't have much more. We slowed down and finished together after suffering in the rain all day. The 3 of us finished in 4:40 with 103 miles. I swear my kit was white when I started.

Then drove straight to the mall to do some shopping with the family.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some New Bike Concepts


Vuelta quote of the day

Yesterday, Lars Boom is about the finish the stage, 20 minutes ahead of the peleton but only 1 minute ahead of the next rider. The commentator says, "Lars has time to go through the McDonald's drive-through on the left there if he wants... but it looks like he's going to head straight for the finish".

Friday, September 11, 2009

It's 9/11

Take a moment to remember what happened 8 years ago. Perhaps put a USA flag out if you have one.

Universal Sports now on Direct TV!

Thank GOD! In a hissy about the price Comcast (owner of Versus) wanted to charge Direct TV to broadcast the channel, DTV stopped broadcasting this month when the contract expired... SUX - one of the only channels I watch, the only channel that had cycling. Tour de France and most of the classics are now gone :( - BUT, they picked up Universal Sports which has MORE coverage as of now. I watched the Giro on my laptop wired to the TV on there. They are also broadcasting La Vuelta (tour of Spain) the last grand tour of the year. So far, awesome! Haven't watched Stage 12 (today) yet but now I can TIVO it! and not watching LOW res versions. It's on 604 if you have Direct TV. (plus lots of other sports all day long)

Just Launched - EPI Breads - Portal website for an Atlanta based bread company. Designed by Ground Zero, copy and project management by Hamiter Inc. Full website soon.

EPI Breads

Just Updated - Verdek - Electric cars and charging stations. A new client who just needed updates. A .Net site which we don't touch normally but they just needed some graphic work, flash updates and some flash video.



Is in week #3 of school (pre K part 2). Class looks to be good, 16 kids and 2 teachers. Aidan potty trained? We'll see. We took the diapers away last week and so far so good. He has lots of new toys from his "potty" achievements. (courtesy of my old legos and Gabe Wilner's old toy gifts - thank you Gabe!) Aidan's hamming it up pictures while dining out below.

Aidan Aidan Aidan

Share the Road Century

This post was for the ride last Monday on Labor Day. My 3rd Centry in 9 days. No kick in the legs but the numbers say I was doing the same amount of work as the first two. I'm taking the recap written by David Hicks:

"Great ride. Hilly. Nice temperatures. A smaller century - but still well supported.

Started out with the usual throng of freds doing all sorts of stupid things. Soon the paceline started and the group was whittled right down. I think around mile 60 I turned to Marc and said "it's going to be just the 2 of us by the end". I was close - we had 1 other chap, a hairy-legged fellow who was quite fit. The last 10 miles had slimmed us down from 6 to the final 3.

Not a fast century, by any means; 4:40. Certainly not ever a sub-4 candidate - it's just too hilly.

We were caught by the Sundayride group at one point. Rode with them until one of their riders had a mechanical. Never saw them again.

Beautiful roads. The only exception being Hwy 92 - it was busy. Directions were pretty good, especially if you were paying attention."

Stats... 4:40 time, 21.8 mph, 5926 feet of climbing, 149 avg hr, 213 avg watts, 242 norm power

Saturday, September 5, 2009

MACC - One Love Century

101.13 miles. 4:26 front group (minus 4). 22.8 avg pace. 5593 ft of climbing. Perfect weather, misty rain on and off all day. Mark Lininberg and little Mark left alone 10 minutes before the start and finished about 10 or 12 minutes before us. (sick) Spotted Tucker Bob on the ride. Roy set the pace after 35 miles and took what few riders we had down to about 14 soon after. Roy and Terry O'Tool left our group with 45 miles to go and we never saw them again. The group we had stayed strong to the end and everyone worked together (mostly). No where to hide ment LOTS of work. (214 avg watts - 238 Normalized power) I felt slugish at the start but got stronger at the end of the ride. Lots of food, drinks and music after the ride. MACC puts on a great event. Tons of volunteers to help with everything. Even had bottles of water in hand for us at some of the corners on the course though I didn't need it. Only used 2 1/4 bottles all day.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Just Launched - Sun Valley Rental Home - Another rental property. This one in the Mountains right on the ski slopes.


Wilson 100

4 hour century... sort of. My first time at this event. Missed the start, chased for 10 minutes (at 302 avg watts) to catch the front pack of 60 or 70 riders. Found Reger and one of my Aaron's teammates. Sat in and did as little work as possible for the first 3 hours. Changed my nutrition for this ride and finally got it right without my stomach turning on me. Cool overcast weather for the day. Only one 8 mile section of rough road. Lots of big rolling terrain with mostly stair step up after 60 miles. Reger did lots of work on the front in the 2nd and 3rd hour. There was crash at 82 miles somewhere toward the back of the group. We were down to about 20 or 30 riders from that point. I finished at the font with about 8 people at 4:02 for 101 miles. Garmin says 4:00:34 at 100 miles. Mark Linenberg say he was at 4:00:40 but he started with the main group before me so... sub 4? Great day! Headed to One Love and Share the Road rides this weekend.

Grant Park Criterium

Our Team Race for the event went great! 35% more riders this year and even bigger payouts. I did my part by cleaning up the course on Saturday, getting their early to set up barricades etc and taking everything down after (long day). Didn't race very well - 21st in the masters 35+ field and popped off the group with 2 laps to go. It was a great event. Thanks to everyone who sponsored, raced and watched the event.

gpark.jpg luckdog.jpg

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Client Updates

Frequency 650 continues to manage, update and host many of it's clients after the initial launch of their website. Over the past few months we made improvements to the following clients: - new home page with flash video, updated photography - new content section and portfolio update - new properties, content updates - new projects added - simplified website as they have downsized and have a new business direction - This is a CMS driven site be we add regular tweaks such as getting links to their social networking on facebook and twitter - content updates, we've also created a private portal website for investors - project updates

Flash updates for a tool for Beazer Homes, a marketing document for ShopVisible, an HTML email and flash application for Grey Atlanta / Travelport and a flash app. for ImageServe.

We've got a few more sites launching soon. Check back.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Grant Park Criterium - We need SPONSORSHIP

Aaron’s Cycling Team p/b New England Financial is holding our annual race on August 23rd in Grant Park. I will be racing and volunteering for the day. This is a great opportunity for local businesses to advertise at any price level to get exposure to large audience. Please contact me if you're interested in helping. You can sign up for the race here -

Spectators can visit Zoo Atlanta or just take in the scenery while watching the race on the hillside.  Proceeds of the race will be donated to the Grant Park Conservancy and Grant Park Neighborhood Association.

Parents are invited to bring their children out to the Grant Park event, as there will be plenty to do and see including a race just for the kids.

Dog Days Crit 2009

Just Launched - Carter - for Blue Marble Media / Carter. A team effort with BMM providing the design, Frequency 650 created and programed all of the page templates, css and flash programing which were provided to Cool Dog Interactive to integrate into the full dynamic website with a content managment system.


Just Launched - - The healthcare legislation being debated in Washington, D.C. includes a provision requiring all employers to pay for and provide healthcare for all employees or face substantial penalties & taxes (“The Employer Mandate”).

Just Launched - Baco Exterminating - Local exterminating company. Simple HTML site.

Baco Exterminating

Recently Launched - Piano Works - Frequency 650 designed a new website for ShopVisible / Piano Works. E-commerce site system and development by ShopVisible.

Piano Works

Monday, July 6, 2009

Spent the weekend in Big Canoe

Great time in the mountains with the family and some friends for the 4th. Ate too much food. Aidan found a girlfriend and she already hurt him... as in a face plant climbing out of a hammock. He survived.

Tour de France has started.... whoot

Already exciting. Team time trial tomorrow after being gone from the tour the last 4 years. Great racing in the wind today. Work will be difficult over the next 3 weeks.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cartersville Century 2009

Hot Hot Hot... 8:00 start but blazing hot before 10:00 am. Stayed with the front group and made the mistake of pulling a few times. Not part of the plan. Looked like everyone was stopping for water at the 50 mile rest stop but 8 to 12 others continued on. 2 min. water fill-up let Reger, 1 other rider and myself to not really chase but see if we could catch the front couple of guys. The trailing pack caught us 5 or so miles down the road. Stomach turned on me at 60 miles. Made it to the rest stop at mile 82 picking up a few people coming off the front group and with what was left of our group down to about 7 people. Could barley drink now. Avg pace so far was 21.8 mph with avg watts at 181 and NP at 214 for 3 hours 45 minutes. The engine was gone, no food or drink going down, just back up at mile 87. Crawled to the finish (4.5 hours total) Ride was 94 miles with an optional loop around the park to get to 100. I passed. Thanks to Adam for dragging me back to the start even though he was cramping and to Dana for driving me back to Atlanta and lastly Reger for leaving a perfect text message to the world and made me smile at the end even though I didn't feel like it. No more century rides for me if the temp is in the 90's! Start weight 168 lbs. Finish weight 155 lbs. 5122 feet of climbing for the day.

Georgia Cup State Crit Race

19th, decent race average finish due to missing the breakaway that stuck. I'll get back to this post.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend Rides

After a non-scheduled recovery week (only rode Tues since last Sat.) because of work, weather and 0 motivation I managed to make it out both days this weekend. 2 parties on Friday with alcohol helped (fun party Jeff!)

Tucker Ride Sat. around the usual pace 23.76 mph (242 avg watts for the group ride and 276 normalized power - group ride is about 1.5 hours). Adam led me out for the final sprint (got 2nd). Out to Silk Sheets (the sunday ride group) today. 70 miles, 22.2 mph (210 avg watts and 251 normalized power for 3:08 ride time) and as Chad has stated before... a death march. Great weather, did lots of work for the first 2 hours and paid the price for the last hour. Burned up way too many matches. Didn't bring enough food but managed. Fun day on the bike. Surprisingly good legs for not doing much the last two weeks.

Headed to the state crit champs next Saturday and the Cartersville Century on the 27th, anyone... anyone?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Blog Down...

Transfered to new servers and have had some issues with the blog ever since. Haven't been able to make any updates. Not much to talk about anyway.

Recap: Giro's over, I'm sad. Watched every day, great race. Parents came for a visit. I raced stage 5 of the Tour of Atlanta, 15th place. They took the GC category out so no point in doing 7 races. Went and saw a local MMA fight with Reger. Took Aidan to see UP yesterday because he's a super duper pooper! Non scheduled recovery week this week. Thinking about riding the Cartersville Century on the 27th. Lots of work to do, just need to find time to do it... IE 6 causing me some headaches... who uses it now anyway? Family night at the neighborhood pool and then off to Jeff B's party.

Hang out here often?

Is Aidan getting a swim lesson or pickin up older chicks?


Monday, May 18, 2009

2009 State Road Race Championships

… Saturday is a day I will remember for a long time. I race my bike as an amateur because I love it. I put the hours in because I’m a competitive person and want to race well. I’ve always been one for trying to find my limits in whatever it is I’m doing. The upfront cost is time away from family and friends and the potential for injury. The rewards are a healthy lifestyle and bragging rights… because it isn’t for the money.

The outcome of the day gave our team 3 podium spots including 2 state champion jerseys and 4 injured riders including 2 that went to the hospital and 1 with a broken femur. My family asks the question, “is it worth it?”

The races – Kirk Corsello won the Masters 40-45 (and the race) with the help of 4 other teammates (Jeff B, Keith, Ty and Reid).

Our race, Cat 3, was 68 miles with 5 loops around a rolling hills course 13 miles. Mostly downhill on the front half with up on the second half. Timing was good for me because I’ve scheduled my season to peak around this time of year. Good legs and ready to go after the jersey. Breaks tried to form throughout the race, unsuccessfully. They never lasted more than 5 miles.  On the last loop, about 10 miles from the finish, a group of 6 or so riders got off the front. People were bridging across and started to look dangerous as the group grew to 12 people. Chad wanted to bridge across and had an opening on the right side of the road to move past the front of the peleton. We were bunched up, one lane road, going just over 30 mph. As Chad came even with the front line, the rider to his left moved to the right and they locked handlebars. Chad went down pulling the other rider on top of him. Most of the peleton went down in the domino effect after that.

I was sitting on the far left, next to the yellow line trying to find a line through the front (the yellow line rule says we NEVER cross the center of the road except in a sprint). As the pile of riders started to fan across the road I darted left, across the adjacent lane into the grass and around a road sign 3 feet into the grass. (Of course while other riders were dodging moving everywhere). I made it back onto the road and looked back to see the carnage. Knowing I couldn’t do anything, I hit the gas to catch the remnants of riders who made it through. 15 or so of us grouped together. I desperately wanted to join the front group and started yelling at the riders to work together and form a rotating pace line to chase down the breakaway. Only 4 of us were doing any work while the others sat in and drafted. On a few occasions riders would attack us trying to bridge up by themselves which we knew wasn’t going to work, why waste the energy? After 4 or 5 miles of not getting much help and not getting any closer to the front group, Greg, a teammate also in our group, reminded me that we had 2 guys in the breakaway who a  better chance to win if we didn’t catch them. True. I moved back and sat in to let some others work for a little while. None of the peleton survivors caught us but not sure if they ever formed much a group either.

Greg was going to help lead me out for the sprint if we’re all still together for the final. He did anyway even though we were going for 13th place. Perfect lead-out and I took off at 300 yards for the line. Thought we were done, didn’t hear or see anyone but got picked on the line by somebody. Finished 14th. Never let up, but just didn’t have a huge reason to kill myself for a spot so far back.

At the front, Nate won the race with Adam taking second. A state jersey and 2 podium spots.

4 teammates went down in the crash. Steve and Erik ended up with road rash. Graham went to the hospital. Nothing broken, just bruised and beat up. Chad has a broken femoral neck (where the leg attaches to the hip). 3 screws to put it back together. Surgery went well but he has months of rehab.

I moved out of the Cat 4’s to get away from all the crashes. Not much has changed here in the 3’s. Masters?

I'll be on the bike tonight...

We Won a Silver Award @ Horizon Interactive Awards 2009

The development team including Frequency 650, Ground-0 Communications and Hamiter Inc won a silver award at the Horizon Interactive Awards ( from over 2000 entrys world wide for


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Leslie!

Want to See a Band? - put in your zip code and move the map around town to see who's playing tonight. Links to the artists website, venue, cost and start time. Great tool!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


If you didn't know, the first of the 3 grand tours has started. Today was Stage 4. Universal Sports picked up coverage at the last minute and can be watched every day on Comcast here in Atlanta (which I don't have since Direct TV doesn't have it) or online at I have yet to see the live coverage (got some kind of error today) BUT, they post the coverage on the site to be streamed later in the day. Watched Stage 3 while on the rollers last night.

Big Wheel Exercise Bike - sculpture, design, work out


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sunny King Crit 2009

Saturday May 2nd in Aniston, AL. The only NRC race in the Southeast this year other than the 100K at the end of the year. I was in for the Cat 2/3 race. A little above my pay grade. I didn't expect to do great but thought I could hang... I was wrong. Made it exactly 30 minutes of the 1 hour crit before the engine shut down. Not as fast at the Roswell crits the weekend before but the long uphill drag on the front took it's told on the legs and lungs. Avg hr at 185. Above that after the first 10 minutes. My fitness is starting to drop. Work stress, I haven't put the hours in and my slack diet are starting to take a toll.

Photo by Carol and Jeff

sking1.jpg sking2.jpg sking3.jpg

Monday, May 4, 2009

Just Launched - R.M. Bondurant Construction, Inc. - General contractor for residential construction. New homes, renovations, kitchens, baths, hardscapes, wine cellars and decks.

RM Bondurant Construction, Inc.

Just Launched - The Shops on El Paseo - The Crown Jewel of the Desert.
Programmed in flash for Blue Marble Media / The Voyager Group - A simple portal website for the high end retailers in this shopping location.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Athens / Roswell Crit Weekend 2009

Saturday Cat 3 Athens morning qualifier. 99 racers. HOT. Few racers cold figure out how to go through the corner without a fist full of break so it was 45 minutes of BREAK, SPRINT bunch up, no passing, repeat 4 times a lap. Had nothing in the legs for the sprint in the end. Never felt great. Didn’t qualify for the night race. Stayed for the day and watched the Am finals, women pro and start of mens pro. Props to Mike Pisarri for finishing 25th in the finals.

Athens photos (thanks Adam)
athens1.jpg athens2.jpg athens3.jpg athens4.jpg athens5.jpg athens6.jpg athens7.jpg athens8.jpg athens9.jpg


Leslie and Aidan came for the day and watched me race Roswell. It was great to have them around.

Sunday Roswell Cat 3/4  race. 80+ riders. 26.7 avg mph. 180 avg hr. Felt very good the entire race. Team tried a break  but got pulled back. Chad went to the front with 3 laps to go but no one else was around so we got swallowed up with 2 laps to go and were too far back for the last lap. Made up a bunch of spots on the back side and in the sprint but not enough. Finished 17th.

Sunday Roswell Masters race. 80+ riders. 26.9 avg mph. 185 avg hr. 44 minutes. Just barely faster than the first race but made it difficult to move around (being my second race for the day also didn't help the legs). I was supposed to help Kirk for the finish but in the end was just holding on. Giant mess at the finish, lap counter at 2 to go, announcer called 1 to go. Motorcycle chasing us calling 2 to go but couldn’t get to the front with all the riders strung out. I hammered out another lap thinking they may call a finish on the next lap. Half sat up. Offered us a 3 lap sprint off to make up for the mistake. Left the course and didn’t know what was happening until after it started. Our guy Kirk won the real race but they didn’t give it to him. As usual, Roswell is a mess.

Roswell photos (thanks Carol)
roswell1.jpg roswell2.jpg roswell3.jpg roswell4.jpg