Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Weight Training and an E-mail to Joe Friel

Finally reached my 4 weeks of maximum strength training. 3 to 6 reps with LOTS of weight. For some reason I was looking forward to this and started Sunday.

Leg press - 270 (warm up 10 reps 6 reps for the next 3 sets) 630,720,770 pounds + 5 other exercises

I went in this morning again and did Step Ups (like stepping up to a higher step stair with the leg at just under 90 degrees)

warm up 10 reps 6 reps for the next 4 sets - 110,150,170,190,200 pounds

After reviewing my "training bible" there is a mathematical calculation based on your weight for each of the heavy weight exercises and if you reach the high end of the range to increase the reps. Well, that means 510 pounds for the leg press and 160 pounds for the Step Up (I rounded up get slightly higher weight). Hummm, I was pushing this 20+ times earlier in the year.

I decided to send an email to Joe Friel to ask him about my dilemma. His response (very quick I might add) - "Add reps. Keep the load the same." Email #2 "Once you achieve the body weight multiplier weight, add reps not more load."

I guess I'll be spending a lot of time in the gym and only going once a week or something.


  1. I haven't seen the equation but would probably have to agree with Joe. You can calculate your total volume by: weight x reps x sets. As long as your total volume is increasing, than you (hopefully) are making strength gains. If you take a recovery week don't make the mistake of reducing weight but adding a million reps. A lot of people do this and mistakingly are not reducing their volume at all.

  2. Thanks Dani - I'm not concerned much with the strenth training volume because it's a small amount of time vs time on the bike. I'm only in 2 times a week and my focus for this is only 4 weeks long. The point is to recruit a high number of muscle fibers so I can sprint at 1200 watts. That takes a rediculous amount of force and strength training is ONE way to get there. FYI each calculation is different but the leg press is - body weight X 2.9.