Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Power Training Class #5

Holy hell that hurt. I'm a genius for going to the gym last night.

The class tonight was to put an effort in at power zone 3 (measured at 266 watts or above for me)  at increasing time lengths and then decrease the time always with 2 minutes to recover. We started with a 2 min. effort, recover, then a 4 min. effort, recover, 6 min. effort, recover, 8 min effort, recover, 6 min. effort, recover, 4 min. effort, recover, 2 min. effort

30 min warm-up
271,269,269,269,266,267,300 watts (my power output for each timed effort in order)
cool down

I could hold the hard efforts but the recovery was supposed to be in zone 2 (above 200 watts for me) which I couldn't do if I wanted to complete each set, so I just spun the legs out for each 2 min recovery after the second set. Great class but I'm toast.

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