Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Power Class #8

Re-Test of 5 min effort to see if we are improving. (ouch... still recovering from being sick last week)

30 min warm up
#1 - 330 avg watts (188 hr)
5 min recovery
#2 - 315 avg watts (188 hr)
20 min in zone 2 (above 200 watts for me), variable cadence
cool down

That's about a 15 watt avg increase in 1 month. So far the class has been working on steady efforts below threshold increasing sustainable power. This month we'll be working on power near threshold and next month over it so in theory, my 5 min effort will continue to go up as we work at the harder efforts. Also, these tests are on a spin type bicycle and it's expected that we would be pushing more power on our bikes on the road than on these things.

This is my first week of Base 2 (12.5 hours planned). We'll see.

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