Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dead Bike...

Nate at Outback did too good a job at rebuilding my Scott CR1 bike on Monday. He found a pressure impact and crack on the drive train side seat stay tube. As well as a cracked stem. Must have been from the Chattanooga race this year. Too dangerous to keep riding. Scary that I have been racing this bike all season but a tribute to how good the bike frame is. I had to go to a dealer. Peachtree Bikes who built it is no longer a dealer so... Matt @ Atlanta Cycling is working with me under the crash replacement warrantee. My version of the CR1 is no longer made so I have to downgrade or upgrade with what they have in stock at the Scott distribution warehouse. I'll get about $800 off of retail price. Looks like a new Scott Addict R2 2008 will be here next week. I really liked my bike and paying full retail for something else right now isn't something I can do.

Addict R2.jpg

Note: Lots of Aarons riders out this week on the Airport ride. Dana and Reger (shocker I know) were also there. Pace picks up a little each week and this week was no exception. The gym is starting to take a toll on the riding legs. Starting to power through some serious weight on the leg press.

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