Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Headed to Florida

Driving down tomorrow for Thanksgiving at the in-laws. Headed to some warmer weather! Taking the Cervelo for some ride time too.

Dead Bike...

Nate at Outback did too good a job at rebuilding my Scott CR1 bike on Monday. He found a pressure impact and crack on the drive train side seat stay tube. As well as a cracked stem. Must have been from the Chattanooga race this year. Too dangerous to keep riding. Scary that I have been racing this bike all season but a tribute to how good the bike frame is. I had to go to a dealer. Peachtree Bikes who built it is no longer a dealer so... Matt @ Atlanta Cycling is working with me under the crash replacement warrantee. My version of the CR1 is no longer made so I have to downgrade or upgrade with what they have in stock at the Scott distribution warehouse. I'll get about $800 off of retail price. Looks like a new Scott Addict R2 2008 will be here next week. I really liked my bike and paying full retail for something else right now isn't something I can do.

Addict R2.jpg

Note: Lots of Aarons riders out this week on the Airport ride. Dana and Reger (shocker I know) were also there. Pace picks up a little each week and this week was no exception. The gym is starting to take a toll on the riding legs. Starting to power through some serious weight on the leg press.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Winter Pizza Ride

Mark Linenberg has brought the Pizza ride back for the winter. 6:00pm start. Lights required. Easy out and back but still hammering in the park, 2 short loops. The effort in the park made it a little chilly on the way back last night but not too bad. We had 9 people and heard there were 12 or so the week before.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Last week of high rep weights at the gym and moving over to the heavy stuff. Been going 2 times a week for 4 weeks. 6 weeks of heavy work coming up. Starting to work the trainer... hate it. Road the last two Sunday Airport Rides (long loop) with the big boys. My fitness has finally gotten to the point that Airport is mostly a tempo ride for me (with my avg hr between 140 and 155) which is good since it's a winter ride. Up front to see all the sprint lines and the numerous pros who join us each week. With some additional zone 2 work and a few other drills I hope to be in good shape for the spring.

Georgia Cup just released the race schedule for 2009. Most of the racing is done by the end of June. Also a new TT series - 11 races with long and short options for those triathletes who want to test their bike legs. Check it out here - http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=pmg6a6GEO4gaJAbJZke58Ow


Has been very busy of the past few weeks. Monkey Joe's with Nash (in Tucker). Jamison's Birthday party on Saturday. Helps me take the dogs out every morning (even in the cold with his gloves and hat on). Kungfu Panda or Star Wars Episode 1 viewing each afternoon. Getting good at riding his bike (with the pedals). Tearing up the WII Star Wars Lego game every night. Today is Wednesday so no school lunch = McDonalds = happy day for Aidan. Grandma S is coming to visit tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

GO VOTE... We Did.

When I got there, only 2 other people were in the room. Wow. In the time it took Leslie to drop Aidan off at school and join me, 20 people had shown up but still no line. I'm not complaining, just surprised. If you didn't know... McCain's my guy.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Airport Ride / Aidan's First Soccer Game / Funeral

First airport ride of the year. Great weather. 100+ riders. Strong legs today. Short loop. I took a couple of long pulls on the flats coming back into town.

Then quickly home to get Aidan to his first official soccer game / festival. He was to have 30+ minutes of friendly games. Instead he played maybe 2 minutes and wanted to play on the giant inflatable bouncy thing with the slide instead. He's 3. What can you do.

Then quickly home, change and over to a funeral. Unfortunately one of Leslie's good friends' father died yesterday. Back home, get Aidan and over to friends house with family. Aidan got to play and we got to visit.