Friday, October 24, 2008

Wings over Marietta Airshow

Last weekend... what. a. nightmare.

Parents in town. Dad was a Navy Pilot. Air show for Aidan. Good plan. Shows are from 11:00 to 4:00 or so. We arrive in the Lockheed parking lot at 10:30 along with the rest of Atlanta and proceed to stand in line in the parking lot for a bus shuttle... Until 1:00. We watched the parachute team and F-15 show from the parking lot. No coordination, no brains on the few people doing something. It was the biggest cluster f@#$% I've ever seen. People telling lines to move across lanes, one line into 3 lines to pay and then all the busses went to the first line (not ours). The ride over proceeded to take maybe 15 minutes. But then we were in line behind other busses to be let off for another 40 minutes. We watched the F/A-18 show from the bus. They were only letting people off from the buses at the font, 2 lanes, 2 busses at a time. Brilliant. We arrived at 2:00 and debated staying on the bus to go back since we knew we would have just as much fun trying to get back to the car.

We got in just in-time to see the USAF F-22 Raptor Demonstration. I've seen a lot of air shows in my life since dad was a pilot but that thing was incredible. It had the maneuverability of a small prop plane. sick. However, Aidan was very excited to see the jets... until he heard the noise. Scared him to death. Was trying to cover his ears and hide against me the entire show. Didn’t even want to look. Not the plan. We devoured some carnival food and decided to leave before the main attraction - the Air Force Thunderbirds. Aidan didn't like the noise and thought we might get to the buses before a few people.

Nope, everyone else had the same idea. This time only a 40+ minute wait, as we were more aggressive to get on a bus and even less coordination of people to get to them (no one). A 6 hour trip for 15 minutes of show. Not doing that again.

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