Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tundra TT Baseline Test w/Aaron's

Met 7 other riders and 1 spouse from my new Aaron's team at Silver Comet today to ride the Tundra time trial course and get some baseline data on fitness and realistic goals for the real race in February. TT's are not my strong suit but I'm working on it. 9.3 miles, out and back. Rode it once to see the course and get warmed up (kind of). 23:47, avg hr 184, 23.5 avg mph, 97 avg cadence. I had the TT bike and helmet but no race wheels. No idea on the power output. Kind of an eye opening experiece riding with a bunch of Cat 3 riders and seeing how strong they really are. I finished 5th out of the bunch today but only 35 seconds separated me from 2nd. Brandon Tai was a minute ahead and not even trying. I think I need to finish sub 23 min. to get top 15, sub 22 min to get top 10 and sub 21 min to get top 3 in the Cat 3's. I've ridden 24.5 avg mph on harder courses so I think I could already get to sub 23 min if I really put the effort in. But I'm not sure I can get to sub 22 min. That would be 25.4 avg mph. I'll make that my target goal but won't be disappointed if I can get to low 22. Since the race is in Feb. the weather will definitely have an effect on the outcome. I'm going to try and do this a few more times before the race over the winter. We had planned a road ride after but ran out of time. The spikes in the speed graph are hickups in the Garmin recording data.

tundraBase2.jpg tundraBase.jpg

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