Sunday, October 5, 2008

Serrano Ride

62 miles, 2 hours 55 min, 21 avg mph of hammering around the TT bike on the rollers pretending to be a triathlete. Reger picked me up and we met Kindzia and Barry Spencer at the start. (All very strong riders... but I was the only roadie) Small group compared to previous years. The 4 of us led the group out for a few miles and then picked the pace up at 5 miles in. We pulled a train of 8+ riders for a little while but eventually only 1 remained. Reger and I took turns pulling most of the day with Barry and Kindzia jumping in here and there long enough to drain the blood out of the legs. Regers got legs for IM Flordia in few weeks. I had lots of fun today. It was great having a pace line most of the day to keep the pace high. I know triathletes likes to keep an even power output over the entire ride and don't like putting a little extra effort up the climbs but I pushed them a little to keep the pace up, but I never heard any whining. I made an extra effort at the end to get Reger to sprint and puke but no dice. After, I sat down and stretched while they ran sub 7 minute miles for 40 minutes (no thanks). I stole pictures from Reger and Kindzia. Kindzia's got a darn funny review from his perspective. (The notes on the pics are his)

Photo_10-2.jpg Photo_10-3.jpg 6a00e393365c6588340105354d02e0970c-800wi.jpg 6a00e393365c6588340105354d0c73970c-800wi.jpg 6a00e393365c6588340105354496b8970b-800wi1.jpg

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