Saturday, October 11, 2008

Greenville Cycling Classic

My last race of the season. 2 hour drive (carpool with Mike Pisarri and his mom). $2000 per category payout, 20 spots deep. Race put on by Hincapie Sports. 30K distance / 30 1K laps around 2 blocks of downtown. 18 mph winds but only an issue in 1 of the corners. 74 race starters, 36 finished, 186 avg hr for 51.5 minutes. Never over the limit just not comfortable. Mike took a flyer off the front with 1 other rider for 8 laps and still finished 5th. The masters race before ours was 51 minutes, same distance and the Cat 3 after ours was at 52 minutes at the 30K mark so our pace was right on par with theirs. A lapse in judgment on the last lap put me too far back, 1 crash next to me in turn 4 didn't help. Maxed the hr out at 203 trying to make up spots in the sprint. Finished 14th. I got my entry fee back in payout. It's time for winter hibernation.


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