Friday, October 17, 2008

Chris Baker was killed while cycling to work this week.

There was this 60 year old guy who I'd seen in the peleton on group rides around town, Tucker, Pizza, Outback and Airport ride over the last 3 years. Grey mustache, short, mostly quiet but seemed to know everyone. Never the strongest guy but always rode well. I had chatted with him on and off. Sometimes a few words, other times for a few minutes. Last winter I rode from my house to the Airport ride downtown and back, 80 miles. The 2 of us rode together from downtown most of the way back to Stone Mountain where he lived. I talked about just joining a team and it was going to be my first racing season. He was encouraging. I noticed how he had gone back to riding an older bike frame from a newer one he had before. He was having problems with it. He talked about when the airport ride first started it was a base ride and someone always controlled the pace and now it wasn't the same. Only saw him a few times this year since I've been racing but 6 weeks ago I went on the Outback Sunday ride which he led to change my schedule up and everyone else was busy. It's easier to ride for 3 hours with a group than alone. Only about 8 people on the ride that weekend. One of the riders was having trouble keeping pace so Chris went back and rode with him. That seems to be the kind of person he was.

There will be a ride on Sunday, Oct 19th at 9:00 am from Outback Bikes (the 50 mile loop he used to lead) to remember him. Join us if you can.

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