Monday, October 20, 2008

3 County Ride from Outback

This ride was in memory of Chris Baker. Chris has been leading this ride over the past year. Had about 50 people at the start. Mark Linburg brought a few cards for people to sign to give to Chris's wife. Easy pace going out. Unfortunately I got a flat at 7 miles. Popped my spare tube as soon as I put press on it, but it held some air. The tire had pinched the tube against the outside of the rim. I have no idea how it was holding any air or how I was able to ride on it. I headed back to the start and made it about 5 miles before it was completely flat. Did a little walking before I saw David Hicks (from my new Aaron's team), who gave me another tube. He thought the ride started at 10:00. We rode the route backwards until we found the group. Quick pace of about 25 people coming back. Ended up with 41 miles instead of 50. Odd day. Legs not happy with the new winter weight routine and taking the week off the bike.

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