Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Aidan will be Buzz Lightyear with wings and everything. We created a giant spider in the front yard with tash bags and leaves. Tonight should be fun. Pictures from school today.

hs1.jpg hs2.jpg hs3.jpg hs4.jpg hs5.jpg hs6.jpg

Final Pizza Ride of the Year

Good weather, a little chilly as the sun went down. 25 or so people. We did one small loop in the park on the new paving. Just under 2 hours of riding.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

2009 Tour de France Route - The official presentation was last Wed. the 22nd. This site shows the route and some video reactions of riders and directors. They brought back the team time trial, starts with a 15K TT, 3 mountain top finishes including Mont Ventoux on stage 20 (seconded to last stage). Should be exciting.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tundra TT Baseline Test w/Aaron's

Met 7 other riders and 1 spouse from my new Aaron's team at Silver Comet today to ride the Tundra time trial course and get some baseline data on fitness and realistic goals for the real race in February. TT's are not my strong suit but I'm working on it. 9.3 miles, out and back. Rode it once to see the course and get warmed up (kind of). 23:47, avg hr 184, 23.5 avg mph, 97 avg cadence. I had the TT bike and helmet but no race wheels. No idea on the power output. Kind of an eye opening experiece riding with a bunch of Cat 3 riders and seeing how strong they really are. I finished 5th out of the bunch today but only 35 seconds separated me from 2nd. Brandon Tai was a minute ahead and not even trying. I think I need to finish sub 23 min. to get top 15, sub 22 min to get top 10 and sub 21 min to get top 3 in the Cat 3's. I've ridden 24.5 avg mph on harder courses so I think I could already get to sub 23 min if I really put the effort in. But I'm not sure I can get to sub 22 min. That would be 25.4 avg mph. I'll make that my target goal but won't be disappointed if I can get to low 22. Since the race is in Feb. the weather will definitely have an effect on the outcome. I'm going to try and do this a few more times before the race over the winter. We had planned a road ride after but ran out of time. The spikes in the speed graph are hickups in the Garmin recording data.

tundraBase2.jpg tundraBase.jpg

Friday, October 24, 2008

Winter Weights

Last week I started in on my winter strength training in the gym. I've got a month of high repetition work and then transition into heavy low rep weights for about a month. Last week one day. Twice this week. I'll got 2 time a week for another 2 weeks and then increase to 3 times a week. Here's the routine (based on Joe Friel's strength training)

2-5 sets
20-30 reps  (slow)
1-1.5 min. recovery between sets

1. squats, leg press or step-ups (multiple muscle groups worked at one time)
2. Lat pull downs
3. squats, leg press or step-ups (different from #1)
4. Bench or Push up
5. Seated row
6. Hamstring curl, leg extension or calf raises
7. Standing rows
8. Abs

Now I've been doing 4 sets on leg work, 3 on everything else. 30 reps. Ouch. I'm in a permanent state of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). I also get on the elliptical for 10 minutes to warm up before hand and on a spin bike for 10 to 15 minutes after. Takes a good 1.5 hours to get through.

I did P90X last year at this time and I think it really helped me and the timing was perfect to change up the training. This year I'm focusing on something a lot more specific to help the cycling. Hoping it will give me a big boost come spring.

Wings over Marietta Airshow

Last weekend... what. a. nightmare.

Parents in town. Dad was a Navy Pilot. Air show for Aidan. Good plan. Shows are from 11:00 to 4:00 or so. We arrive in the Lockheed parking lot at 10:30 along with the rest of Atlanta and proceed to stand in line in the parking lot for a bus shuttle... Until 1:00. We watched the parachute team and F-15 show from the parking lot. No coordination, no brains on the few people doing something. It was the biggest cluster f@#$% I've ever seen. People telling lines to move across lanes, one line into 3 lines to pay and then all the busses went to the first line (not ours). The ride over proceeded to take maybe 15 minutes. But then we were in line behind other busses to be let off for another 40 minutes. We watched the F/A-18 show from the bus. They were only letting people off from the buses at the font, 2 lanes, 2 busses at a time. Brilliant. We arrived at 2:00 and debated staying on the bus to go back since we knew we would have just as much fun trying to get back to the car.

We got in just in-time to see the USAF F-22 Raptor Demonstration. I've seen a lot of air shows in my life since dad was a pilot but that thing was incredible. It had the maneuverability of a small prop plane. sick. However, Aidan was very excited to see the jets... until he heard the noise. Scared him to death. Was trying to cover his ears and hide against me the entire show. Didn’t even want to look. Not the plan. We devoured some carnival food and decided to leave before the main attraction - the Air Force Thunderbirds. Aidan didn't like the noise and thought we might get to the buses before a few people.

Nope, everyone else had the same idea. This time only a 40+ minute wait, as we were more aggressive to get on a bus and even less coordination of people to get to them (no one). A 6 hour trip for 15 minutes of show. Not doing that again.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Parents Visit

My parents came into town this weekend for a visit. Dad decided his job with NATO wasn't worth living on an Airplane and in executive apartments for weeks at a time so he's retired again for at least a few weeks. Hopefully we'll get to see them more often now. We ate lots of food and they got to see 2 of Aidan's soccer practices. He had a great practice on Sunday. Lots of time with the legos.

3 County Ride from Outback

This ride was in memory of Chris Baker. Chris has been leading this ride over the past year. Had about 50 people at the start. Mark Linburg brought a few cards for people to sign to give to Chris's wife. Easy pace going out. Unfortunately I got a flat at 7 miles. Popped my spare tube as soon as I put press on it, but it held some air. The tire had pinched the tube against the outside of the rim. I have no idea how it was holding any air or how I was able to ride on it. I headed back to the start and made it about 5 miles before it was completely flat. Did a little walking before I saw David Hicks (from my new Aaron's team), who gave me another tube. He thought the ride started at 10:00. We rode the route backwards until we found the group. Quick pace of about 25 people coming back. Ended up with 41 miles instead of 50. Odd day. Legs not happy with the new winter weight routine and taking the week off the bike.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Chris Baker was killed while cycling to work this week.

There was this 60 year old guy who I'd seen in the peleton on group rides around town, Tucker, Pizza, Outback and Airport ride over the last 3 years. Grey mustache, short, mostly quiet but seemed to know everyone. Never the strongest guy but always rode well. I had chatted with him on and off. Sometimes a few words, other times for a few minutes. Last winter I rode from my house to the Airport ride downtown and back, 80 miles. The 2 of us rode together from downtown most of the way back to Stone Mountain where he lived. I talked about just joining a team and it was going to be my first racing season. He was encouraging. I noticed how he had gone back to riding an older bike frame from a newer one he had before. He was having problems with it. He talked about when the airport ride first started it was a base ride and someone always controlled the pace and now it wasn't the same. Only saw him a few times this year since I've been racing but 6 weeks ago I went on the Outback Sunday ride which he led to change my schedule up and everyone else was busy. It's easier to ride for 3 hours with a group than alone. Only about 8 people on the ride that weekend. One of the riders was having trouble keeping pace so Chris went back and rode with him. That seems to be the kind of person he was.

There will be a ride on Sunday, Oct 19th at 9:00 am from Outback Bikes (the 50 mile loop he used to lead) to remember him. Join us if you can.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Just Launched - Beazer Homes Flash Payment Options - A quick payment option reference for new buyers. Managed and written by Hamiter Inc. Frequency 650 developed the flash piece only. A Spanish version is being developed.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm a Lucky Dog

I'm going to be putting in my request to upgrade to a Cat 3 racer for next year. It's more competitive at that level and I need a team to work with once I get there. Unfortunately, my current Colavita team can't help. After a push from Dana, I put a race resume together and talked to a few teams. I was lucky enough to get a couple of offers to join teams and have accepted a spot with Aaron’s. Or rather, Lucky Dog Elite Aaron’s Racing Team presented by New England Financial, a Metlife Company. Yea, how's that going to fit on a jersey. New threads sometime around New Years.

Greenville Cycling Classic

My last race of the season. 2 hour drive (carpool with Mike Pisarri and his mom). $2000 per category payout, 20 spots deep. Race put on by Hincapie Sports. 30K distance / 30 1K laps around 2 blocks of downtown. 18 mph winds but only an issue in 1 of the corners. 74 race starters, 36 finished, 186 avg hr for 51.5 minutes. Never over the limit just not comfortable. Mike took a flyer off the front with 1 other rider for 8 laps and still finished 5th. The masters race before ours was 51 minutes, same distance and the Cat 3 after ours was at 52 minutes at the 30K mark so our pace was right on par with theirs. A lapse in judgment on the last lap put me too far back, 1 crash next to me in turn 4 didn't help. Maxed the hr out at 203 trying to make up spots in the sprint. Finished 14th. I got my entry fee back in payout. It's time for winter hibernation.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Serrano Ride

62 miles, 2 hours 55 min, 21 avg mph of hammering around the TT bike on the rollers pretending to be a triathlete. Reger picked me up and we met Kindzia and Barry Spencer at the start. (All very strong riders... but I was the only roadie) Small group compared to previous years. The 4 of us led the group out for a few miles and then picked the pace up at 5 miles in. We pulled a train of 8+ riders for a little while but eventually only 1 remained. Reger and I took turns pulling most of the day with Barry and Kindzia jumping in here and there long enough to drain the blood out of the legs. Regers got legs for IM Flordia in few weeks. I had lots of fun today. It was great having a pace line most of the day to keep the pace high. I know triathletes likes to keep an even power output over the entire ride and don't like putting a little extra effort up the climbs but I pushed them a little to keep the pace up, but I never heard any whining. I made an extra effort at the end to get Reger to sprint and puke but no dice. After, I sat down and stretched while they ran sub 7 minute miles for 40 minutes (no thanks). I stole pictures from Reger and Kindzia. Kindzia's got a darn funny review from his perspective. (The notes on the pics are his)

Photo_10-2.jpg Photo_10-3.jpg 6a00e393365c6588340105354d02e0970c-800wi.jpg 6a00e393365c6588340105354d0c73970c-800wi.jpg 6a00e393365c6588340105354496b8970b-800wi1.jpg

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kids Rule

In an attempt to get me to turn the Wii game system on and kill the afternoon -

Aidan: "Lets Play Star Horrs"
Me: "You mean you want to play Star Wars"
Aidan: "Yes, Star Horrs"
Leslie: "No, he wants to play Star Whores"
Me: "Awesome, I want to play, but only if mommy gets to play"
Aidan: "No, just daddy"