Monday, September 22, 2008

Beautiful Backroads 2008

Met Reger and Paul Kindzia at the Budweiser Plant for 7:30 start. Group ride official start was at 8:00 but I was going to spend the day with the tri geeks. I opted for the 66 mile loop to save the legs for next weekend (6 gaps) while they tackled the 105 option. A little drafting, a little talking, jumped in with the 3rd group to come down the road for a few minutes and talked to another Colavita teammate. I didn't know him but he had one of the branded team bikes. They changed some of the route this year. More open roads and less of the back rolling side roads. Same amount of climbing just a few more cars and more wind, less turns. 18.9 avg mph. Not a base pace ride but overall easy going.

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