Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Man punches a shark to save his dog


Just Launced - Exquisite Vaction Estates

http://www.exquisitevacationestates.com/ - Palmasola and Casa Papelillos, the 2 most luxurious rentals properties in Mexico, have combined marketing efforts to create this one page portal site which links the properties. It's still available for the holidays for $20,000 a night.


Monday, September 29, 2008

6 Gaps

105 miles, 11,200 feet of climbing survival. My buddy Norman came up from Florida for the ride, his first attempt. Steady effort all day. Unfortunately Norman's legs started to cramp on the 3rd climb, Unicoi and locked up on him on Hogpen. But he pushed though it and we finished with 7 hours of ride time (15 mph avg pace). I put a decent effort in up Hogpen at 44 minutes. Saw Reger and Paul a couple of times as we leapfrogged each other and a few guys I see on our weekly group rides as well. 142 avg hr, 7665 calories burned. Los Hermanos for diner and DQ to finish off the night!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just Launched - Peter Island Villas

http://www.peterislandvillas.com/ - This portal website focuses on the villa rentals of Peter Island, a British Virgin Island resort. Developed in conjunction with Ground Zero and Hamiter, Inc. Flash website with a photo gallery, floor plans and rental details of 3 available vacation properties.

Peter Island Villas

Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm Ranked 12th in the Nation

As a Cat 4 road race ranking, I'm 12th of about 3550 people. 188 of about 3650 for criteriums. I just found these tonight on usacycling.org. The ranking is confusing but I think basically they take your best 3 races in a category and average them for your ranking. Different races have different values based on the number of riders, distance and importance, such as a state championship race. I printed the report to a PDF but it was 42 pages long.


Keith's 50th Birthday

Dani and friends had a 50th birthday party for Keith Saturday night. Most of the tri peeps were in attendance. Thanks to Danielle and family for hosting. Happy birthday Keith, glad we could be there. (Pics from Vanessa)


More Soccer

Sunday was the first weekend practice with Tiny Tikes. He has practice after school on Thursdays but this is another group (same coach) on Sundays around the corner from us. More structured. He gets about half of it. Still marches to his own beat though.

Beautiful Backroads 2008

Met Reger and Paul Kindzia at the Budweiser Plant for 7:30 start. Group ride official start was at 8:00 but I was going to spend the day with the tri geeks. I opted for the 66 mile loop to save the legs for next weekend (6 gaps) while they tackled the 105 option. A little drafting, a little talking, jumped in with the 3rd group to come down the road for a few minutes and talked to another Colavita teammate. I didn't know him but he had one of the branded team bikes. They changed some of the route this year. More open roads and less of the back rolling side roads. Same amount of climbing just a few more cars and more wind, less turns. 18.9 avg mph. Not a base pace ride but overall easy going.

Friday, September 19, 2008

End of the Season Benchmark Tests

Uninspired and mentally broken I drifted over to Reger's to do some end of the season benchmarking on 2 power tests. A wingate test (.2 mile all out effort for sprint power) and a C30, 30 min time trial also to mesure avg power output for the 30 minute period. On Tuesday's northlake ride I didn't even sprint at the end. I love sprinting, just didn't feel like puting the effort out. I know it's time to take a break. Timing is good.

Test one was slightly higher than the last one in June. 799 avg watts for the 25 second effort. I need to do a 12 second test to get a maximum power output number some time. The second test, a dreadful as hard as you can go for 30 minutes alone on a trainer... fun. Again, slightly higher than the number in June, this time 277 avg watts for 30 minutes. As for a the numbers go, my sprint numbers say I'm good no matter what category I'm racing in. The 30 minute number says I'm walking the line between a Cat 3 and Cat 4 racer (for a power to weight ratio - Just over 3.6 watts/Kg). Of course these are generic numbers and I think the chart I found is in reference to climbing but it's at least a reference point.
I spent one day each week all year in the gym to keep my strength through the season. I think this helped me significantly this season. Now that the race season is over I plan to get into the gym 3 days a week in the next few months to build strength, increase my power numbers and then transition that to the bike in the spring. This will be the first time for me through this process. I've always trained in the gym but never for a focused sport and it's always speratic.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Pepper Place Crit - Alabama State Criterium Championship Race

Cat 4 35+ - 2nd Place,  with a $170 payout too!

Forgot there was a time change going over to Alabama (2.5 hours west) so I was way early. But I did pass Talladega Speedway on the way. I don’t follow NASCAR but my wife does. All I could think about was Talladega Nights the movie and marvel at the terrible road surface.

The day was kind of a mess. Hot. Race started almost an hour late. There were Cat 4’s and Cat 4 35+ racing together with separate payouts (I picked the one with fewer riders when registering with hopes to get more money to find out later the straight cat 4 meant higher point rankings). 40+ racers. 45 min race got shortened to 35 min at the start line. Flat, 0.85 mile loop. SLOW – 24.3 mph avg speed. No announcement of laps to go just someone holding up a number (didn’t see this until after the race). They called a gamblers prime with 2 laps to go (assuming we know what that means). I overheard someone say this was it just before turn one on the last lap but we were only at 32 min into the race. I freaked, 2/3 of the way back into the pack asking everyone around me if it was the final lap. I sprinted into the top 8 or so by turn 3 and hit the gas just as we rounded turn 4. The fastest guy in the peleton (State Crit Champ in 3 states, Sammy Flores) had already gone. I finished 3rd. Perceived excursion for the day was easy BUT, max HR on the sprint was 206, that hurt.

Results posted but I’m not in them. Others are also missing. The people running the race didn’t want to hear about it. Sun coming into the finish line booth so you couldn’t see the monitors. 3 cameras but only one worked. It was blazing hot. They were behind schedule with a bunch of racers standing around whining. Big thanks to Jeff Blau and Adam Shumaker for jumping in to help with problems and bring in some good karma. The race numbers we were wearing were so small they could barely read them and I was mistaken for rider 400 (I was 488). Look for Colavita, there was only one. I could see it in real time on the video. After 3 hours of… impatiently waiting they found Jeff and rider 400 and others, divided everyone by age regardless of which race you registered for and posted the results as if they were 2 separate races (and payouts). I signed, they paid cash, awesome.

It was now 7:00pm from an original 2:15 start time. No food and flies are starting to swarm around me still stinking in my race kit. They called us for podium but then no one came over. Jip. Adam took a shot of Sammy and I on the podium and then he went over to race the Cat 3 (moved up so he could race that night). This secured Blau's Cat 4 National Crit Champion title for the year (based on points). Floyd Landis was loitering about as well. Almost asked him over to stand in the 3rd spot on the podium for an oh so believable photo op, with him in a polo shirt and jeans. Arrived home at midnight.

IMG_1674.jpg IMG_1677.jpg birm1.jpg birm2.jpg

Friday, September 5, 2008

Training / Racing

Had planned to race Augusta this weekend. Debated based on logistics and the hurricane coming through off the coast. It was canceled anyway. I think I'm going to travel to Birmingham next week for a crit race as the alternative. 1 or 2 more events before the close of the season.

I'm debating on cating up as well. I've earned enough points to move up to a Cat 3. I ride with these guys anyway on group rides but it means no team members or changing teams and a focused effort on particular races since results will be more difficult to get. I hoped to get on the podium another time before the end of the season but may not happen.

Rides this week 
Tue.  1 loop with Northlake, 33 miles - 2 hours
Wed. TT bike ride, tempo work - 25 miles - 1.5 hours - set my fastest single lap around stone mountain at 12:20 - 23.4 mph
Thurs. Pizza ride, 43 miles - 2.5 hours - 4th in-park sprint, big group

Aidan's First Soccer Practice

On Thursday after school. Rock star! Yes he's 3 and it's like herding cats but he has skills and had fun.

soccer1.jpg soccer2.jpg soccer3.jpg soccer4.jpg soccer5.jpg