Saturday, August 30, 2008

South Carolina State Championship Road Race

6th today (again) - 45 miles, 3 laps around the course, 22.6 avg pace, rolling hills course. HOT. Around 60 riders, posted finished with 46. Lots of development teams (younger kids racing). Mass amounts of people and racers around for the event which was nice to see. As is usual for our road races, no place to pass and move up through the group so I used most of the last lap to slowly move up. Had to get more aggressive the last few miles and go right up the middle (getting better at it). Top 8 or so coming around to the uphill finish. As we moved pass the 300 meters to go the 3 people in front of me did... nothing. All lined up next to each other. The train took off on the left and I wasn't on it. Yelling, screaming, MOVE OUT OF THE WAY until I got to sprint in the wind and get a few spots back before the line. Another crash on the left for no apparent reason today. It was still a fun race. Legs a little toasty.

Dennis Johnson who runs Colavita Racing for the South East took the pictures at the start of lap 2 and 3. Check me out Reger style with the thumbs up.

SCRace.jpg 2008SCStateRR1.jpg 2008SCStateRR2.jpg

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