Thursday, August 7, 2008

Landscaping (Day 2)

Rain-out at 3:00pm. 10 minutes of rain. Sux. Turns out, our yard is all clay so the water is just going to sit on top and be muddy. The ditch is gone. Extended drain pipe from the driveway side in, drain from the left side in. Pipes covered and existing concrete and walls have all been removed. What we like is that almost nothing has been brought to the site for materials. They used the existing concrete and CMU block walls instead of rock, broke them apart and re-used them. The new drains and pipes yes but no new dirt so far. The existing yard has been re-sculpted for fill and has taken care of most of the fill. Sorry, only 2 pic's Leslie took during the day.

land21.jpg land22.jpg

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  1. Looking Good! Can't wait to see the finished product. The house looks so different already. I can see Aidan has done an excellent job of supervising so far :-).