Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Landscaping (Day 1) and Deck

The past 3 weekends I've spent a few hours at a time taking down our rotting deck and trying to salvage any structure that wasn't termite infested or had 12 years of water logged mold and rot. Yes, my recovery rides have been 4 hours of manual labor. It's now in its "what's left" state and started to putt the joists back with some structural integrity in mind.

Today our landscaper, Dreamscape Designs, started work on the back yard. A tree service did some clearing and one day of tearing out the "ditch" forest but the real work started today. Plans were drawn up some time ago and after many rain delays... serious work has begun. Our yard is retainage for the neighborhood. They dug out the concrete drain flume to put down two 6" drain pipes that will catch runoff from one side of the yard. The street drain floods water into the yard from the other side. They used the old CMU block wall as rock fill over the flume which will be buried, in-case the drains back up or leaks, this will drain the water to the culvert which is sized to control the water flow to the stream behind the house which keeps the yards and houses further down the line from flooding. The idea is to reclaim our yard and make it usable. Until now, it's been a bog for small woodland creatures to get lost in and a deposit for the neighbors trash as it washes down the street. The bobcat tore out the remaining bushes, knocked down the wall and tore out some concrete. Nice little tool. We will have a large bolder retaining wall just past the deck and a new lawn where the ditch is.

deck1.jpg deck2.jpg deck3.jpg deck4.jpg land1.jpg land2.jpg land3.jpg land4.jpg land5.jpg land6.jpg land7.jpg land8.jpg

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