Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dog Days of Summer Race Weekend - Report

I’m not back on form yet but had fun in the 2 races this weekend with great weather. Cat 4 races (all ages, both days). I'm dead tired now though. Both very hard races.

9th on Saturday in Cherokee County Road Race. 48.5 miles, 3 laps, 2500 feet of climbing at our typical 23+ avg mph pace. Doesn’t seem that bad but it was 9 miles of uphill rollers at the end of each loop that took the toll on the peleton. Started with 60+ riders. The front finished with less than 20 people. 2 bad crashes in the sprint. One on each side of the road (one adjacent to me). 3 people went to the hospital for broken bones, road rash and a concussion. (Graphic below of the stats from the Garmin. Note the high 190 hr for the last 5 minutes of the race and the 40 mph sprint.)

15th on Sunday in the Grant Park Criterium. Long training week for me and after Saturday I just didn’t have the legs to position myself before the sprint and got boxed in. A break away took the first 4 spots. Tough loop. 1K course, rough pavement with 60 feet of climbing on one side of the loop. 20 or so laps in 42 minutes. Leslie and Aidan came out to cheer me on. It was nice having them there.


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