Sunday, August 31, 2008

Atlanta Crit Series - Sunday Morning

6th... again. I.. AM... EVIL... We'll, I'm consistent. 3 different scenarios, same outcome. Got more money.

35 riders today, again, development team kids around. 10 laps on a little longer course. 30 minutes, 3 corners with a headwind downhill and uphill finish. Lead one lap in the middle of the race. Sprint started early and I thought most wouldn't be able to hold it to the line, but they did. I jumped too late and miss timed it. Good legs today.


Saturday, August 30, 2008

South Carolina State Championship Road Race

6th today (again) - 45 miles, 3 laps around the course, 22.6 avg pace, rolling hills course. HOT. Around 60 riders, posted finished with 46. Lots of development teams (younger kids racing). Mass amounts of people and racers around for the event which was nice to see. As is usual for our road races, no place to pass and move up through the group so I used most of the last lap to slowly move up. Had to get more aggressive the last few miles and go right up the middle (getting better at it). Top 8 or so coming around to the uphill finish. As we moved pass the 300 meters to go the 3 people in front of me did... nothing. All lined up next to each other. The train took off on the left and I wasn't on it. Yelling, screaming, MOVE OUT OF THE WAY until I got to sprint in the wind and get a few spots back before the line. Another crash on the left for no apparent reason today. It was still a fun race. Legs a little toasty.

Dennis Johnson who runs Colavita Racing for the South East took the pictures at the start of lap 2 and 3. Check me out Reger style with the thumbs up.

SCRace.jpg 2008SCStateRR1.jpg 2008SCStateRR2.jpg

Good Luck Ironman Louisville Racers!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Atlanta Crit Series - Friday Night

I raced tonight. Got 6th out of around 30 people in the Cat 4. They placed the top 7 and I got a check for $25! Almost my entry fee back.

A little slower pace tonight 25.5 avg mph, nobody wanted to work and no large team turnout from any group to push the pace. Had delusions of grandeur and wanted to win a la Fabian Cancellara style and went off the front with 2 laps to go catching a dying 2 person breakaway and succeeded only in stretching out the peleton into a long line (though it was at a 28 mph avg lap). Got passed with ¾ of a lap to go. Ducked in with the top 10 guys and sprinted it out with what I had left. Not the smartest move but I tried. I’ll try and learn my lesson for the next few races and wait. I’m headed to South Carolina tomorrow for a Road Race and another crit on Sunday to finish off the Atlanta Crit series.

atlCrit.jpg atlCritFM.jpg

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dinosaur Party @ Fernbank

Saturday we went to the Fernbank for a dino party for kids. Cupcakes, finger puppets, puppet show, exibits, dino shaped chicken nuggets and giant size bubbles. Aidan had a number of friends meet him there including runing into the Summers (in the pics).

dino1.jpg dino2.jpg dino3.jpg dino4.jpg dino5.jpg dino6.jpg dino7.jpg

Landscaping (day 12)

Done... sort of. Got some clean up we have to take care of plus we got a load of woodchips in the driveway to put down on our walking path in the back. I also have to build a deck... doh. Here are the front yard pics from Friday with our new zoysia grass.

land121.jpg land122.jpg land123.jpg

Frequency 650 website update

Realized it had been about a year since we updated our website. Projects have been posted on the blog and referenced into the news but hadn't yet made it to the portfolio. Added 9 projects, removed a few, reorganized / new categories. Updated our provided hosting services as well as posted some official Adobe certification logos which never made it to the website. If you haven't looked at our work before, check it out. -


Recent Launch - The Ivy Group - Building forensic consultant. Client designed.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Client Launch - PNTV - Not to be confused with publicly traded Players Network. Frequency 650 provided a couple CSS, HTML coded templates and a flash piece for the home page. Blue Marble Media provided the design. The client finished the coding and launched with website.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Landscaping (day 11)

2 brick columns removed, some plantings, clean up of existing plantings and soil prep for sod.

land111.jpg land112.jpg land113.jpg land114.jpg

Pizza Ride

Left from the house to the start. 43 miles total, 24 miles with the group ride, 2:15 ride time. 23+ on the group ride. Lots of work on the front today. Heart rate is dropping. Max hr all week only 189 even with the climbs.

Landscaping (day 10)

More plants, foot path, mulch, clearing of ivy, sprinklers in the front.

land101.jpg land102.jpg land103.jpg land104.jpg land105.jpg

Wednesday Ride

1 hour 45 min. big gear low cadence hill repeats at Stone MTN. 45 to 55 rpm.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Training Day

Tough day today. Gym in the morning - 10 min warm-up on the elliptical, leg press 4 sets, rows 2 sets, decline sit-ups with 25 lb weight 3 sets, bench press 2 sets, Lat pull downs 2 sets, hamstring curl 2 sets, leg extensions 2 sets, calves 2 sets, standing row 2 sets, 15 min recovery spin on the bike. Leg press, seated row and standing row get 10 to 12 reps. All the others get 25. This is my standard routine once a week and takes about 1 hour 15 min. but will change in the fall. Of note today I finally got to 630 lbs on the leg press for my final set.

Then I had a 1 hour sports massage...ouch, but good. Clear the junk out of the legs and back.

Then 2 hour Northlake ride tonight. 37 miles. It was almost dark when I got home. Time to start bringing lights. 2nd up the Midvale climb, 2nd in the Pepsi sprint and 5th or so in the park sprint but never really put a lot of effort into them just steady riding. Legs definitely coming around.

Landscaping (Day 9)

9 people working on the yard today. Too much to get into details but the overview... we have grass! Some plants, trees and walking path. The maple tree got moved (they had 5 guys hanging on the back of the bobcat as they were trying to lift the tree out and keep the tractor on the ground). Demo started on the front yard.

land91.jpg land92.jpg land93.jpg land94.jpg land95.jpg land96.jpg land97.jpg land98.jpg land99.jpg land90.jpg

Monday, August 18, 2008

Landscaping (Day 8)

All backyard still. Sprinkler and mister lines are in. Lawn area has been tilled with top soil, sand, fertilizer and water beads (that leak into the soil over time to help the sod get established). The rest of the bolder wall is in. More work on the main culvert drainage. More grading and clearing. Tomorrow the bobcat is back to move the maple tree. Sod goes in as well.

land81.jpg land82.jpg

Training Week

I failed at my attempt to get 14 hours in this past week. I just didn't feel like getting on the bike on Sunday. Wanted some family time and couch time. I'm attempting to get some good legs for the crit series on the weekend of the 30th and an Omni in Augusta the next weekend.

Mon - 1 hour recovery on the trainer
Tues - 1.25 hours at the Gym legs, core, upper body
Tues - 2 hours @ Stone MTN in the rain
Wed - 2 hours w/ 2 tempo laps around the MTN 12:38 a lap (22.8 avg mph)
Fri - 1.5 hours hill repeats
Sat - 4 hours, Tucker group ride until Stonecrest mall and turned left and rode part of the Kellytown loop

Happy Birthday Matthew!

It's my brothers B-day today... he's old - 33.

Landscaping (Day 6 and 7)

Day 7 was more like a half day on Friday. Concrete patio and walkway poured. Jacuzzi filled in. It's not pretty but functional. Cleared the rest of the existing upper area of the wandering rose. Also finished the catch basin at the east side of the property. Aidan loves all the rocks and dirt clods he can throw.

land61.jpg land62.jpg land63.jpg land64.jpg

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Landscaping (Day 4 and 5)

Probably looks the same to everyone else but more grading work, clearing of trees in the back and more stone placement. Got more rain last night which doesn't help. May be pouring the patio concrete today along with puting in sprinkler lines.

land41.jpg land42.jpg land43.jpg land44.jpg

Monday, August 11, 2008

Landscaping (Day 3)

Brought in some dirt and more boulders. More land sculpting and placement of the boulder retaining wall. Some clean-up. They covered the access path for the bobcat. If it rains like it did last Thursday, this clay just holds the water. They cleaned out more trees in the back as well as marked locations for sprinklers (we think).

land31.jpg land32.jpg land33.jpg land34.jpg land36.jpg land37.jpg