Thursday, July 31, 2008

Achieving Your Childhood Dreams - Carnegie Mellon Professor Randy Pausch (Oct. 23, 1960 - July 25, 2008) gave his last lecture at the university. "Never underestimate the importance of having Fun. I'm dying and I'm having Fun. And I'm going to keep having fun every day, because there's no other way to play it." Watch this when you have an hour of time.. or make the time. You won't regret it.

cuil Search Engine - Four former Google employees have launched a new search engine. The new search engine has a bigger index then Google and Microsoft. The search engine has 120 trillion pages and is said to be three times as big as Google's. The search engine ranks by content rather then popularity like Google does.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gaps... again

3rd weekend in a row. Each time adding 30 or so minutes. 4 hours, 65 miles on Sat. Woody's, Wolf, Jack's, Unicoi. Not exactly planned but this is exactly the kind of endurance/strength training rides I needed transitioning to the end of the season races. Got a little rain. Also got to try out my new Edge 705. Nice.

1 hour spin around town today. TdF is over... time to get back to work. Makes me sad.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

TdF - Stage 17 is tomorrow

Probably the most exciting stage of the tour, Embrun to L'Alpe-d'Huez. Live coverage starts at 6:30 am. If you only watch one day, this will be the one to watch.

The Next House Project

We have 2 new projects getting started. A new deck (demo and new construction by me) as well as serious landscaping by Dreamscape. My father-in-law assisted in the destruction of the deck (removal of the deck boards) and a few trips to Home Depot have started. The yard has started with the butchering of some trees hanging over the fence and filling our driveway with wood chips.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Aidan's B-Day Party

Aidan had a few friends over for a Dino bash (Ava, Jamison, Nash, Ezra). Running, screaming, playing, throwing, destroying... then there was pizza, a dinosaur cake and more chaos. Just what every 3 year old party has.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Gaps Ride, Part 2

Made it back up to the gaps again on Saturday with Reger. 3.5 hour ride. Started at the rock pile and went clockwise - Woody's, Wolf, Neel's then turn-around at the bottom and back - Neel's, Wolf, Woody's. Good day of climbing. Reger set a blistering pace up the first climb when he though we were being run down by a group of girls (he was mistaken but never looked back to check). Also chased a rider up Wolf who was flying. Rescued a tri geek who exploded and gave him a ride back to his car... not enough time to explain. Climbing legs coming around. Good day of riding. Thanks for driving Joe. Don't let Reger's whining fool you, the guy riding just fine.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday AIDAN!

To the best kid ever. My friend, my teacher, my love, my son, my life.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

In-Laws Arrive

After no work gets done this week, the trend continues as Grandma and Grandpa arrive for Aidan's birthday week. Lots of small house projects done for the arrival, including a doorbell (which we've never had), framing the attic stair and some painting by Les.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lighting Strike

Our neighbors were hit by lighting on Sunday. The power surge killed one of our TV boxes, my network router and reset every piece of electronics in the house including the AC thermostats, alarms, etc. Took 3 days to get my network back together. Netgear is now on my crap list. Short story is after configuring everything, it was taking up to 5 minutes to open files, locally or over the network. Tech support said to return the router, but there was nothing wrong with it. ???? Go linksys, our stuff works for a year or so... sometimes. I LOVE computers.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Party Weekend

Got a babysitter and went to Bob Fisher's 40th birthday party on Saturday night. Brazilian Carnival theme. Good fun, including a belly dancer! Went to Dana's for her housewarming on Sunday. Good to see the Tri geeks.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

3 Gaps +

47 Miles, did a little 6 mile loop around Stone Pile Gap and Yahoola Rd. before heading up Woody's for the front 3 gaps and then another clockwise loop at the end. Forgot about the 21 percent climb right at the end. 2:55 for the time. Just over 2 hours for the 3 gap loop (including stopping for food and music a few times). Didn't mean to push it today but ended up going harder than planed. (did the Northlake ride on Tuesday)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Frankie Andreu TdF Podcast - Fankie has a podcast about 3 minutes long each day of the tour with great behind the scenes info, thoughts, tech news and gossip. Some good stuff in there. Another great uphill finish stage today.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

TdF Innovation

Pearl Izumi developed a cooling vest (co-developed with Allen Lim) with pockets to contain either ice or crystal-filled packets for the Garmin-Chipotle riders to keep them cool before the start of time trials. You probably saw this on the coverage. The idea is that it keeps the body core temperature cool while the rider gets the legs ready for the race. (Why did it take this long to have one of these?) Also seen are the new Campagnolo Super Record 11-speed and new Shimano Dura-Ace group.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Mens US Olympic Team

Text taken from

In the discipline of road cycling, a total of five men were nominated to the Olympic Team, while one automatic nomination to the women’s squad was announced.
On the men’s side, only one athlete earned an automatic nomination, while USA Cycling made four discretionary picks.
Levi Leipheimer (Santa Rosa, Calif.) was the only automatic qualifier as a result of a top-three finish in a UCI Grand Tour between July 1, 2007 and July 1, 2008. Leipheimer placed third overall at the 2007 Tour de France when he finished just 31 seconds off the pace of teammate Alberto Contador of Spain and eight seconds back from runner-up Cadel Evans of Australia. An Olympian in 2004, Leipheimer will represent the United States in his second Olympic Games.
Discretionary selections to the men’s road squad include George Hincapie (Greenville, S.C.), Jason McCartney (Coralville, Iowa), Christian Vande Velde (Boulder, Colo.) and David Zabriskie (Salt Lake City, Utah). All discretionary nominations were made by USA Cycling based on an athlete’s capability to medal or otherwise enhance team performance and create a medal capable environment.
Nominated to his fifth Olympic Team, Hincapie becomes the only five-time Olympic cyclist in U.S. history. McCartney and Vande Velde will each compete in their second Olympic Games. McCartney was a member of the 2004 squad on the road, while Vande Velde was a member of the track squad in 2000. Zabriskie will be making his first Olympic appearance.
Hincapie, Leipheimer, McCartney, Vande Velde and Zabriskie will all compete in the mass start road race.
Since no men’s road athletes met the automatic criteria to compete in the individual time trial, Leipheimer and Zabriskie received discretionary nominations to fill the United States’ two start positions in the race against the clock. Two of the United States’ most decorated time trialists in recent history, Leipheimer and Zabriskie have consistently medaled in world-class races over the course of the last several years. Most notably, Leipheimer won stage 19 of the 2007 Tour de France and stage 5 of the 2008 Tour of California. He also finished on the podium in two other UCI ProTour events – the prologue of the 2007 Dauphine Libere and stage 8 of the 2007 Tour of Germany. A silver medalist in the time trial at the 2006 UCI Road World Championships, Zabriskie also won two Grand Tour time trials – stage 1 of the 2005 Tour de France and stage 8 of the 2005 Giro d’ Italia. He has also appeared on the podium in three additional Grand Tour time trials since 2005 and has captured two consecutive USA Cycling Professional Time Trial titles (2006-07). Most recently, Zabriskie finished third in stage 3 of the 2007 Dauphine Libere and second in stage 5 of the 2008 Tirreno-Adriatico.

2008 Olympic Games
Beijing, China
August 8-24
USA Cycling Nominees:
Men’s Road
1.    George Hincapie, 35 (Greenville, S.C.) Road Race
2.    Levi Leipheimer, 34 (Santa Rosa, Calif.) Road Race, Time Trial
3.    Jason McCartney, 34 (Coralville, Iowa) Road Race
4.    Christian Vande Velde, 32 (Boulder, Colo.) Road Race
5.    David Zabriskie, 29 (Salt Lake City, Utah) Road Race, Time Trial
Women’s Road
1.    Kristin Armstrong, 34 (Boise, Idaho) Road Race, Time Trial
2.    T.B.A.
3.    T.B.A.
Men’s Track
1.    Michael Blatchford, 22 (Cypress, Calif.) Team Sprint, Match Sprint
2.    Adam Duvendeck, 26 (Santa Barbara, Calif.) Team Sprint
3.    Michael Friedman, 25 (Pittsburgh, Pa.) Madison
4.    Bobby Lea, 24 (Mertztown, Pa.) Points Race, Madison
5.    Giddeon Massie, 26 (Zionhill, Pa.) Team Sprint
6.    Taylor Phinney, 18 (Boulder, Colo.) Individual Pursuit
*The United States also has one start position in the men’s Keirin. The athlete who will contest the Keirin will be announced at a later date.
Women’s Track
1.    Sarah Hammer, 24 (Temecula, Calif.) Individual Pursuit
2.    Jennie Reed, 30 (Kirkland, Wash.) Match Sprint
*The United States also has one start position in the women's Points Race. The athlete who will contest the Points Race will be announced at a later date.
Men’s Mountain Bike
1.    Adam Craig, 26 (Bend, Ore.)
2.    Todd Wells, 32 (Durango, Colo.)
Women’s Mountain Bike
1.    Georgia Gould, 28 (Ketchum, Idaho)
2.    T.B.A.
Men’s Bicycle Motocross (BMX)
1.    Kyle Bennett, 28 (Conroe, Texas)
2.    Mike Day, 23 (Santa Clarita, Calif.)
3.    Donny Robinson, 25 (Napa, Calif.)
Women’s Bicycle Motocross (BMX)
1.    Jill Kintner, 26 (Seattle, Wash.)

Kellytown Ride

This was a transition week for me to take some time off. Northlake ride Tuesday, Gym Wednesday, Peachtree run on Friday. Today I rode the 63 mile Kellytown ride which starts at STN MTN plus the to and from the house for 79 miles, just under 4 hours. Ouch. Legs torn up a little from the Peachtree run. Not exactly sure because the Garmin turned off but somewhere around 23.5 avg speed for the ride. Fast. Only accelerations for a KOM sprint and the final sprint, but mostly a steady pace. Around 35 riders. No stops. Perfect weather. Dana and Blau were there.

The Tour has started and I've enjoyed the first 2 days. Great finishes. My prediction is Valverde then Evens with either Damiano Cunego, Kim Kirchen or Ricardo Rico in third. It's going to be a good 3 weeks.

Parents Visit / 4th of July Week

My parents came into town Wed.-Sat. Papa and Grandma got to hang with Aidan for a few days. We ate. Aidan got some early birthday presents (Legos) with lots of building time. (note the family pic with Elmo and Zoe while at Toys R Us. We went to see Wall E  and Leslie and I ran the Peachtree. Our pool had a parade for the kids (pictures below) No fireworks but Aidan did get some sparkler time.

4j-1.jpg 4j-2.jpg 4j-3.jpg

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Google Learns to Crawl Flash - Google has been developing a new algorithm for indexing textual content in Flash files. It's a start. Only time will tell if sites can get a good ranking or not.

Viva Le Tour

To get you ready for the tour de france (starts Saturday), here's a video with some of the greats (Merckx, Martin, Kelly, Lance) - Sprints, Crashes, Etc.

[youtube FC5I4bWGJ4g&hl]