Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Some Testing on the Computrainer

Reger let me borrow his toys again. 30 min power test and a wingate test (0.20 miles or 352 yards). Let me preface this by saying I haven’t had a recovery week in over a month and this is day 5 of some very hard rides so nothing spectacular but does show a significant increase in fitness since my last test in March. Maybe next year I can get a power meter to get some real world numbers out on the road.

30 min test, 271 avg. watts, 175 avg hr. (my LT hr is 182 and my ToA TT was at 183 avg hr)
This is a significant improvement. I've never done a 30 min. test before but my avg. watts for a 3 mile (8 min.) test in March was 278 watts. By the end of this year or early next year I need to move this number up over 300 watts if I want to be competitive in Time Trials or move up to a Cat 3 and be competitive there.

Wingate Power Test, 946 max watts, 791 avg watts (this increased from 667 avg watts in March)
This means I'm stronger. Currently I can sprint at 37 to 38 mph (flat road). I hope to push this avg number up over 900 to get me over 40 mph next year.

Doing some research on Power to Weight ratio, I currently weigh 167 pounds or 75.9kg. My 30 min watt effort today 271/75.9 gives me 3.57 watts/kg. This puts me in the upper level of a Cat 4 racer (which I am). I've earned enough points this season to move up again to a Cat 3. However, I need to increase my TT skills and avg power output a little before considering it. Not to mention the time commitment against life in general. I always want better numbers but these are better than the last ones, so that's good.

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