Sunday, June 22, 2008

LaGrange Crit State Championship Race

Was Saturday. 13th. Not too bad. I was looking to get a matching jersey but it wasn't to be.

1.5 hour drive down, sunny, hot and 90's for a baker of a race. 0.5 mile square course with a false flat on the start/finish side, steep downhill on the 2nd side, flat ish down on the back side and a big dip on the 3rd side which means we were turning left every 40 seconds for the 45 min. criterium. I loitered around the Aarons tent until the start. Thanks for a warm-up spot in the shade! There was a chemical spill on I85 so riders were getting out of their car and riding up to the start of the race. I stayed in the front 8 or 10 riders the entire race and went with almost every group that got off the front larger than 3 people. Bridged to a couple of break aways. I thought a few of them may of had a chance but not everyone wanted to work. We were strung out most of the race. Felt a little dangerous when we bunched up. In the end, Steve Murry (who wins all the time trials) went after a MAR lap, 4 laps from the end of the race and just left the field. We caught him on the finish line but he did enough to hold everyone off for 4 laps and win the race. With 3 laps to go I made every effort to stay with the front 6 or so riders but my legs were just about gone and just held on to the finish.

No idea on stats. My garmin is dying and turned off right after the start of the race. I was only concerned about time since this was a little longer than most of the crit races. I'm not racing in July. Time to recharge the batteries, get some longer slower miles in and work through some build phases to have something for August/September.

The family (all of us) went for a walk around part of Stone MTN today and let Aidan play in the park. Splurged for some Taco Mac wings for lunch while taking care of some errands. mmmmmm.

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