Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy 5 Year Anniversary Leslie!

Took a trip to Chattanooga last weekend to celebrate - it was more about Aidan, but it always is.

Went through the Aquarium and explored downtown. Beautiful riverfront. Passed on the music festival but did some exploring while walking around. Aidan used his head as a battering ram on a metal pylon while crossing a foot bridge over the river. Nice size bump. Tough as nails. The loitering police officer filed a report. Had some great BBQ at Sticky Fingers.

Sunday was a Train ride to Chickamauga. Nice little train with a few dozen travelers. 1.5 hours each way with a lunch stop. Unfortunately, it was less than spectacular as the train passed through every abandoned warehouse and industrial building, vagrant living quarters, trailer park and ghetto houses for almost the entire ride... of 20 miles. Yes, we were blazing down the tracks at 12+ miles per hour. We saw a few green areas as kudzu was overtaking the few trees we saw. Mexican for lunch and sort stop at the local monument on the way back. It was all based around the civil war with a costumed guide telling stories of men feeding dog to their commanders and other in-appropriate stories. It was all topped off with 3 people sitting across from us filling the air with noise pollution draining my IQ by the minute. Including such brilliant statements as "I like my chocolate chip cookies without chocolate chips" and "I got carrot dust in my bag". ahhhhhh.

Nice town. Definitely my next bike trip destination. Skip the train ride. (there are others but just skip that one).

Took Aidan to see Kungfu Panda on Sunday for Father’s Day. Good. - Happy belated Fathers Day to Dad C and Dad S. (you got cards though)

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