Monday, June 30, 2008

Diablo III - for you game geeks. This is terrible news. I have lost weeks of time in my life buried in the Diablo game world. (so has Leslie) They have the cinematic trailer and game play on the site. No release date yet.


Sunday, June 29, 2008

LaGrange Video

Jim spoted this video that Dahlonega Wheelworks put together. It shows parts of 3 races. The womens race which sports team peachtree (first), the Cat 4/5 Under 35 (last) and our race (in the middle). Look for me in the green and white (only colavita racer)

[youtube P4mWoA3G-G4&hl=en]

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cartersville Century

100 miles... well the Garmin says 95.28, last year was 97, who knows. Rode the TT bike, first ride over 55 miles on it, obviously the first century on it. 4:52 ride time. My fastest century I think. 19.5 mph avg speed. No drafting... had to do all the work today. I'd like to say it was easy but... it hurt a bit. Forgot the sun screen, hr monitor and the chamois butter (the later hurt the most). This bike is HEAVY compared to my road bike and carrying 3 bottles didn't help. The legs definitely felt it up the hills, all 4618 feet of it. Garmin only turned off once for a few sections - alright. No hr or cadence but I didn't really care.

Started toward the back of the pack with Keith and Danielle. Rode the first 15 or 20 miles with them. We met up at Rest Stop 31, 55 and 75. I ate at the last 2. Bumped into Blair a few times as well. At mile 75 my feet were cramping. This route flattens out for the last 18 miles or so but unfortunately, there was a nasty headwind to battle most of the way back. Legs started to go right at the end. I don't think I'll do that again for a while (at least a month). 5 hours of kicking your own ass hurts. No food until dinner but Leslie made homemade pizza... mmmmm.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Food Studio is Closing

In Kingplow. Kind of. As of July 19th it's only going to be used for events. No more restaurant. I've eaten their a few times over the years. Sad to see it go. If you love their food or never eaten there, now's your last chance.

On a side note, Tucker now has a Five Brothers Burgers and will be getting a Firehouse subs and a Sushi place.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Saris to release Garmin-compatible PowerTaps - In the Fall. Alright... I know what's on my Xmas list. I'm sure it was also a kick in the teeth to do something when Garmin became the major sponsor for Slipstream, the poster children for powertap and having pro riders sport the garmin on there handlebars and powertap head unit in their jersey pocket. As David Millar can attest to,6610,s-3-523-17141-1,00.html

Sunday, June 22, 2008

LaGrange Crit State Championship Race

Was Saturday. 13th. Not too bad. I was looking to get a matching jersey but it wasn't to be.

1.5 hour drive down, sunny, hot and 90's for a baker of a race. 0.5 mile square course with a false flat on the start/finish side, steep downhill on the 2nd side, flat ish down on the back side and a big dip on the 3rd side which means we were turning left every 40 seconds for the 45 min. criterium. I loitered around the Aarons tent until the start. Thanks for a warm-up spot in the shade! There was a chemical spill on I85 so riders were getting out of their car and riding up to the start of the race. I stayed in the front 8 or 10 riders the entire race and went with almost every group that got off the front larger than 3 people. Bridged to a couple of break aways. I thought a few of them may of had a chance but not everyone wanted to work. We were strung out most of the race. Felt a little dangerous when we bunched up. In the end, Steve Murry (who wins all the time trials) went after a MAR lap, 4 laps from the end of the race and just left the field. We caught him on the finish line but he did enough to hold everyone off for 4 laps and win the race. With 3 laps to go I made every effort to stay with the front 6 or so riders but my legs were just about gone and just held on to the finish.

No idea on stats. My garmin is dying and turned off right after the start of the race. I was only concerned about time since this was a little longer than most of the crit races. I'm not racing in July. Time to recharge the batteries, get some longer slower miles in and work through some build phases to have something for August/September.

The family (all of us) went for a walk around part of Stone MTN today and let Aidan play in the park. Splurged for some Taco Mac wings for lunch while taking care of some errands. mmmmmm.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Chaotic Blog

Otto Greenslade (chaotic) has a nice design resource blog with some amazing work. Check out the BMW GINA video.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

3 New Sponsors for Pro Cycling Teams - 2 US Teams
Good news for cycling - Danish online bank, Saxo will take over CSC who's contract ends this year. High Road will become Team Columbia, while Slipstream-Chipotle will be Garmin-Chipotle. Its good to see companies stepping up to the sport with so many problems.

Like this - Jens Voit (probably my favorite rider) answers a question about Tom Boonen who tested positive for Cocaine.

Verses will have virtually all day coverage of the Tour de France for the entire month of July. But only 3 days of 2 hours to cover the 3 week Giro... what the hell.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy 5 Year Anniversary Leslie!

Took a trip to Chattanooga last weekend to celebrate - it was more about Aidan, but it always is.

Went through the Aquarium and explored downtown. Beautiful riverfront. Passed on the music festival but did some exploring while walking around. Aidan used his head as a battering ram on a metal pylon while crossing a foot bridge over the river. Nice size bump. Tough as nails. The loitering police officer filed a report. Had some great BBQ at Sticky Fingers.

Sunday was a Train ride to Chickamauga. Nice little train with a few dozen travelers. 1.5 hours each way with a lunch stop. Unfortunately, it was less than spectacular as the train passed through every abandoned warehouse and industrial building, vagrant living quarters, trailer park and ghetto houses for almost the entire ride... of 20 miles. Yes, we were blazing down the tracks at 12+ miles per hour. We saw a few green areas as kudzu was overtaking the few trees we saw. Mexican for lunch and sort stop at the local monument on the way back. It was all based around the civil war with a costumed guide telling stories of men feeding dog to their commanders and other in-appropriate stories. It was all topped off with 3 people sitting across from us filling the air with noise pollution draining my IQ by the minute. Including such brilliant statements as "I like my chocolate chip cookies without chocolate chips" and "I got carrot dust in my bag". ahhhhhh.

Nice town. Definitely my next bike trip destination. Skip the train ride. (there are others but just skip that one).

Took Aidan to see Kungfu Panda on Sunday for Father’s Day. Good. - Happy belated Fathers Day to Dad C and Dad S. (you got cards though)

chat1.jpg chat2.jpg chat3.jpg chat4.jpg chat51.jpg chat61.jpg chat7.jpg chat8.jpg chat9.jpg chat10.jpg chat11.jpg chat12.jpg chat13.jpg

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Just Launched - Fold-Pak - take out packaging. Designed by Blue Marble Media for a Rock-Tenn company. Simple HTML site with a few flash image transitions.


Calfee Bamboo Bike Frame - they even make a mountain bike version

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Some Testing on the Computrainer

Reger let me borrow his toys again. 30 min power test and a wingate test (0.20 miles or 352 yards). Let me preface this by saying I haven’t had a recovery week in over a month and this is day 5 of some very hard rides so nothing spectacular but does show a significant increase in fitness since my last test in March. Maybe next year I can get a power meter to get some real world numbers out on the road.

30 min test, 271 avg. watts, 175 avg hr. (my LT hr is 182 and my ToA TT was at 183 avg hr)
This is a significant improvement. I've never done a 30 min. test before but my avg. watts for a 3 mile (8 min.) test in March was 278 watts. By the end of this year or early next year I need to move this number up over 300 watts if I want to be competitive in Time Trials or move up to a Cat 3 and be competitive there.

Wingate Power Test, 946 max watts, 791 avg watts (this increased from 667 avg watts in March)
This means I'm stronger. Currently I can sprint at 37 to 38 mph (flat road). I hope to push this avg number up over 900 to get me over 40 mph next year.

Doing some research on Power to Weight ratio, I currently weigh 167 pounds or 75.9kg. My 30 min watt effort today 271/75.9 gives me 3.57 watts/kg. This puts me in the upper level of a Cat 4 racer (which I am). I've earned enough points this season to move up again to a Cat 3. However, I need to increase my TT skills and avg power output a little before considering it. Not to mention the time commitment against life in general. I always want better numbers but these are better than the last ones, so that's good.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Race Pics

Courtesy of Mike Pisarri of Pisarri Productions, Inc. (who kills it on the MTB bike and U35 Cat 4/5)

Athens Twilight (pro am race)
athens1.jpg athens2.jpg athens3.jpg

Tour of Atlanta, Alpharetta circuit race (with Jeff's failed zipp)
toa-alpharetta1.jpg toa-alpharetta2.jpg

Tour of Atlanta, Gainesville (with finish)
toa-gaines1.jpg toa-gaines3.jpg 
toa-gaines4.jpg toa-gaines5.jpg toa-gaines6.jpg

Tour of Atlanta, Buford (with failed break away shot)
toa-buford1.jpg toa-buford2.jpg toa-buford3.jpg

These shots are from Doss's buddy out on the Tour of Atlanta, Team Time Trial course (With Bill B. and Brian - aero what?)
TTT1.jpg TTT2.jpg

Got our Peachtree Numbers today!

21293 (I think). Looks like I'm going to have to run outside soon. When's the last time I did that... Oh, at the last Peachtree Road Race.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Aidan Weekend Update

Started Friday with Boys Night (Leslie went out with the girls). Up to the pool for Pizza and swimming from 5:30 to just after 8:00. Then a few XBox games before bed. PDK airport for an air show on Saturday. Everything from Black Hawk helicopters to Biplanes. and some more XBox before bed. Then another extended day at the pool (mostly with Mom) and dinner with his friend, Jamison (and family) with some desert Starbucks chocolate milk and a cookie.

air1.jpg air2.jpg air3.jpg air4.jpg

Ride Week

Good training week. Back to the gym after 3 weeks off on Tuesday. Tempo ride on the TT bike Wed. Pizza ride Thursday - very big group this week. Rode to the start then back home to make it 45 miles for the day. Mountain bike ride with some of the Aarons and Data Iron crew at Blankets - SO HOT - lost half my body weight in sweat. Mike P and Mike Carter put the beat down on us. Sunday ride from Outback Bikes - 50 mile Airport Ride with about 15 people. Good change of pace.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I'm the Georgia State Cat 4, 35+ Road Race Champion!

Oh ya, today was a good day! The one race for the year that matters (to me) was today in Union City. This race decided the Georgia State Road Race Champion (In all categories). 68 miles for us (more like 66.2), 23+ mph and I managed to pull out the win.

This was my 16th race this season (if you break down each race from the Tour of Atlanta and the Gainesville omnium) and I finally got on the podium. I almost didn't race but signed up on Friday after doing the Pizza ride Thursday and feeling great.

No warm-up but I did ride the last 2 turns of the course to see how it finished. I didn't know the start or finish of the course but have ridden silk sheets several times so I knew that part. It was a lolly pop course with 2 loops in the middle. Steady pace most of the day. 1 crash early on the first loop. Single lane roads all day with a bunched up pack made it difficult to move up. I looked forward to the KOM part of the course so I could get some breathing room and move forward. For some reason I was always behind the guys moving backwards through the peleton. Didn't matter where I was. I'd be the 5th rider and 5 minutes later was 25 people back and it was impossible to move up. I took a short pull on the front and jumped after a few breaks but for the most part stayed in the pack. Bill K. paced the peleton up to one of the several attempts riders made to get off the front. The pack never let more than 2 people go at a time but someone was always off the front. I was supposed to rain but never did. I brought 2 large water bottles and almost a 3rd in my jersey but opted not to carry the weight. I only drank 1 bottle and ate most of 2 cliff bars. At one point we were only 30 seconds behind the U35 Cat 4/5 race which they were told to pick up the pace or be neutralized.

I made sure I was in the first 20 riders for the last 12 miles. Traffic caused some problems with about 4 miles to go and we had to squeeze around a few cars and split the group. Of course we were going 30+ mph by then and weren't going to let up until the finish. I usually try to take the left side of the road because that's the side that opens up in the sprint but I was suck on the right side (and not happy). Several of us got pushed off into the grass at different times on the course. After the 2nd to last turn I was about 20 people back with about 1/4 mile to the finish. The double pace line moved to the left side of the lane after the turn and opened the right side up (in the wind) but it was open. My only chance of placing is to be in the top 4 or 5 going into the last turn. I picked up my pace to just below a sprint and moved up to the front. With about 4 riders left to pass I started to sprint so I could be first into the corner. Lucky for me there were a few riders who blew up and were moving backwards through the pace line which caused some confusion. I was first through the last corner with maybe a bike length lead. I could hear people cheering for me from the right side of the road (some Aarons riders and Dana). By this time my legs were screaming but there was only 200 yards left and I was in front. I took 1 look behind and put my head down and peddled with everything I had left. I kept listening to see if I could hear anyone coming around me but it was almost quiet, in slow motion with only the voice in my head, "faster - DO NOT LET UP". FIRST... no way! I almost fell over trying to celebrate. Then air came back into the lungs and nausea set in. HR at 201 for the sprint. Evidently it was a pace line for the first 3 positions with Mike Carter on my wheel. The guy who Bill B finished behind for 2nd in the Cumming race.

3 hours later, all the races were finished, podiums photo'd and I got my jersey. Awesome.

GSJ.jpg GC1st.jpg

2008 Georgia Cup Mayor's Race - Georgia State Road Race Championships. Picture is of the Mayor and City Council, Police Chief, Fire Chief and the 2008 Georgia State Road Race Champions. (I'm in the middle, green Colavita shorts  with my hands behind my back)


Aidan gets a Big Boy bed

We converted Aidan's crib into a real bed today. Leslie got video and some pics that I'll post of him helping me convert the bed. I was sure we wouldn't sleep much but he was very excited and went right to bed and sleept all night! Even took a nap today and didn't get up.

bed1.jpg bed2.jpg