Monday, May 5, 2008

Sandy Springs / Roswell Crits

Signed up for 2 races on Sunday. DNF'd both of them. 10:00 am Cat 4 at SS. Raced the first one with a 187 avg hr for 33 minutes (my LT is 182) before I turned the engines off. Couldn't figure out why my hr was so high. The pace was about the same as last weekend where my hr was in the 170's. 1:20 pm at Roswell with 100 racers in the Cat 4/5, about the same hr for only 25 minutes. Started in with a sore throat then shakes... coming down with something. Felt terrible from the first pedal stroke on Sunday. Hoping to turn it around over the next few weeks for the Tour of Atlanta which starts on May 22nd. Remling took 4th in his SS race and got stuck behind a crash with 2 laps to go in the Roswell race. Looks like we'll have a big team for the Cumming Road Race next weekend (minus me) - go Colavita.

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