Monday, May 19, 2008

50 mile TTT / RR ride

My season A race, the Tour of Atlanta, starts Thursday. 7 Races, 5 days. Yesterday Doss, Bill, Matthew, Joe and I did a practice run of the Team Time Trial course and one loop around the road course. Starts as the same school as the Serrano ride. We expect to have 8 riders for the TTT. Got to try my aero helmet out for the first time (very nice), with the Cervelo. At least I feel like a speed demon. Put a little over 12 hours of training in this week, 10.5 last week. I'll rest for the next few days with a little work on Wednesday and hopefully the body will be ready to go. Reger has a few more pics on his site. Thanks to Matt and Joe for helping the the practice run.


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  1. Marc the Adamo saddle I have is the TT saddle, and it is brand new & very lite, color black. I just read your comments on Joe's blog. It is your if you want it