Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Reality Bikes Ride in Cumming

Ouch - Fast ride. Went up to do some recon since the Wed. night ride is the course for the road race weekend after next. I went with the A group. About 45 people. I knew I should have been worried when I didn't see a single recreational rider in the group. No girls, just team racing jerseys and all Cat 1-3's because I didn't recognize a single person from any of my Cat 4/5 races. After 3 miles they hit the gas and don't stop. A moped follows the group to stop cars at intersections and has 2 spare wheels so no lights or stop signs to re-group. LOTS of rolling hills. Relentless rolling hills. I was unprepared for this kind of effort. 2000 feet of climbing. Didn't eat enough before the ride and nothing while on the ride. Stayed on the front for an hour until my engine shut down (too long in the red zone). Came off the back with another rider after 20 miles. The loop is 33 miles. Now I know what to expect. I haven't ridden that hard for that long in a while. Good training. Good ride.

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