Sunday, April 6, 2008

Georgia Cup - Gainesville Omnium

3 races this weekend, a time trial (Saturday morning), a road race (Saturday at 12:00) and a Criterium (Sunday). This is my first race on the Colavita Team, first time trial and first road race with Cat 4/5 riders. In the Georgia Cup I'm racing the Category 4/5 35+.

It rained all day Saturday, never very heavy just consistently. Joe Remling also race the omnium with me. He brought his Airstream up on Friday night which was great to get out of the rain, warm up before the race and clean up / eat between races. We had 4 other team riders in the Road race (Bill Bruning, Jim Phillips, Bill Kelly and Jerry Andrick).

Time Trial (TT) - 18th out of 43, 9 mile course, uphill 4.5 miles turn around and back. 22.2 mph avg - 0:23:57 - 183 avg hr. I believe I dosed my effort over the course to the best of my current ability. I don't have any aero equipment other then my clip-on TT bars so I could probably have gained a little time there. Having a good time here is the key to placing well in the omnium. Jeff Blau was flying and pulled out 7th.

Road Race (RR) - 6th out of 52, 56 miles, 2:27 minutes, 21.6 avg mph, 152 avg hr - 2 laps, rolling course with a steep 1 mile climb 4 miles from the finish. This was a fun race, most of our team sat on or near the front of the entire race with Bill Kelly doing a lot of work early. Jim Phillips sat on the front the entire race. Jerry Andrick and Bill Bruning both made attempts to break off the front but neither worked out. I stayed in the peloton near the front the entire race with Joe Remling and Bill Bruning, I was strong up the climb the first time around but got dropped from the lead pack of 15 or so riders on the second lap (Bill B and Jim were in this group). I worked with another rider to chase for 2 miles to get back onto the front group. I recovered and managed to get back up to the front before the sprint for the finish. Bill Bruning was on my wheel at the end and finished 10th.

Criterium (Crit) - 4th out of 61, was supposed to be 30 minutes plus 3 laps around a 0.61 mile course but for some reason we only raced for 21 minutes, 15 laps, 26 mph avg speed, 172 avg hr - after my warm-up I rode over to the course and ended up sitting in the back of the pack for the start 2 rows behind Bill Kelly. It took 3 laps or so to work my way up to the front (where Remling was at), sat there and guarded my position for the rest of the race. on the last lap I was in 4th position and we pulled away from the pack - only ended up with a 4 second gap by the end. 2 of the riders were much faster sprinters than I was and started my sprint too late to catch the guy who finished 3rd. Remling pulled out 17th. Fun race.

Overall finished 13th in the omnium out of about 47 people. Great first race for me and start to the season. Remling is racing his way back into shape and had a great showing for the weekend. Dana and Michele were also out there this weekend. This was a B race for me with my A race at the end of May – the Tour of Atlanta, 5 day stage race with 7 races.

TT elevation and my HR

RR elevation



  1. Awesome debut with the new team, Marc! Testing yourself in three disciplines over the course of a weekend really gives you a good idea of your strengths and weaknesses individually and as a team. And based on the results, you guys look primed to have a great season!

  2. Congrats! You looked great out there earning your racing wings! Chattanooga next weekend?? :)