Sunday, April 27, 2008

Final Stage of the 2008 Tour de Georgia

The entire family went downtown today to watch stage 7 of the race, under some partial rain. We found a spot close to the fence where we could see a few of the guys on the starting line. Chris Horner from Astana looked over a couple of times, took off his cycling hat and had someone bring it over and give it to Aidan - very cool. He wore it for about 30 minutes until he said "no more helmet". I think Leslie was more excited than Aidan was. We picked out several different spots to watch them go by on the 10 lap course. Almost got nailed by Tyler Hamilton (Rock Racing) as he was moving up on the outside on the climb toward the finish on the 2nd to the last lap (where we were standing and watching). Another good day of cycling events.


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