Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Reality Bikes Ride in Cumming

Ouch - Fast ride. Went up to do some recon since the Wed. night ride is the course for the road race weekend after next. I went with the A group. About 45 people. I knew I should have been worried when I didn't see a single recreational rider in the group. No girls, just team racing jerseys and all Cat 1-3's because I didn't recognize a single person from any of my Cat 4/5 races. After 3 miles they hit the gas and don't stop. A moped follows the group to stop cars at intersections and has 2 spare wheels so no lights or stop signs to re-group. LOTS of rolling hills. Relentless rolling hills. I was unprepared for this kind of effort. 2000 feet of climbing. Didn't eat enough before the ride and nothing while on the ride. Stayed on the front for an hour until my engine shut down (too long in the red zone). Came off the back with another rider after 20 miles. The loop is 33 miles. Now I know what to expect. I haven't ridden that hard for that long in a while. Good training. Good ride.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Wana Crit Race?


Yes, that's me looking down - Here's a short video on the Athen's Twilight events (photo and video from

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Final Stage of the 2008 Tour de Georgia

The entire family went downtown today to watch stage 7 of the race, under some partial rain. We found a spot close to the fence where we could see a few of the guys on the starting line. Chris Horner from Astana looked over a couple of times, took off his cycling hat and had someone bring it over and give it to Aidan - very cool. He wore it for about 30 minutes until he said "no more helmet". I think Leslie was more excited than Aidan was. We picked out several different spots to watch them go by on the 10 lap course. Almost got nailed by Tyler Hamilton (Rock Racing) as he was moving up on the outside on the climb toward the finish on the 2nd to the last lap (where we were standing and watching). Another good day of cycling events.


Athens Twighlight Crits

4th yesterday in the Cat 4/5 35+ criterium. 45 minutes, 10 laps, 1.28 mile loop with a hill from turn 4 to the start / finish. 24 mph avg speed. Got boxed in on the sprint and had to wait to move around people. Jeff Gaines got first, Jeff Blau got 7th, Joe Remling got 15th - Joe was at the front of the race all the way to the end. The top 10 finishers from our race qualified for the amateur finals at 6:00pm, along with the top finishers in every race which includes pro,1,2,3 and 4. USA Cycling moved me up from a Cat 5 to a Cat 4 for the race. Also got $30!

After our amateur finals race was the women’s Pro, 1,2,3 race and the men’s Pro,1,2 race. (national teams). My race included 4 laps with the group and then popped off the back along with all the other 4's and a few others. We grouped together for about 4 more laps or so before we were pull from the race as the big boys were coming back around. We lasted about 16 minutes of the race. I saw 5 crashes while in the race. It was fun having thousands of people cheering and screaming for you while your racing.

Dana and Lisa raced in the women’s race. Dana stuck in with the pro women to the finish! The men’s race was 80 laps at a blistering pace. When the peleton came by it was like a NASCAR race with the wind blowing you down. I was lucky enough to hang out with the Aarons team in their VIP tent in the corner of turn 2, thanks guys! Thousands of cheering people under the lights... very fun!


Friday, April 25, 2008

Colavita Team Ride / TdG Team Time Trial

After spending a week in Florida I'm trying to get some training back in. Though I used my father in-laws cruiser bike for some bridge crossings (14 of them) while there. My wheels were destroyed from the Chattanooga race and won't be back from Mavic until next week. (my only pair) Reger to the rescue! He gave me some loners to use, you rock!

Killed the legs at the gym on Monday. First time I've really torn them up from the weights. Really upped the weights on the leg press... moving in on 600 pounds for my last set. Spin bike at the gym on Tues with some tempo work.

We had a team ride on Thursday from Road Atlanta. 4 of us. 50 miles. 3000 feet of climbing. 18.7 mph pace. It was basically the Gainesville RR backwards plus some other stuff. Good strong ride. We timed it to finish and watch the Tour de Georgia, Team Time Trial. 15 teams, 4 laps around the 2.5 mile track. 2 teams on the track at a time. Astana, High Road and Slipstream Chipotle fought it out for top honors. Below are some crappy phone pics. (Jittery Joe's, Gerolsteiner, CSC, Type1, Rock Racing, Symmetrics) Headed to Athens to race on Saturday.

ttt-jitteryjoes.jpg ttt-gerolsteiner.jpg ttt-csc.jpg ttt-tt1.jpg ttt-rock.jpg ttt-symmetrics.jpg

Monday, April 21, 2008

Disney and Florida

Spent 2 days at Disney (Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom) and a few more days at the in-Laws in Florida for Passover. Aidan had a BLAST! I'll post some pictures soon. We drove, he was great in the car. Ate like kings. Amy hooked us up with sweet hotel rooms. Tough to get bike time in.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Georgia Cup Chattanooga Road Race

At around 9:00 pm last night I decided I would drive over and race the GC Chattanooga road race. I planning on a long ride somewhere today but figured why not. Heavy week on the legs but still feel pretty good. Up at 5:00 am, 2 hour drive, 8:40 am start, around 40 degrees (long pants and long sleeves). 46 miles of rolling hills with 1, 1/2 mile climb in the middle. This race was much more aggressive than last weekend. Lots of surges, sketchiness, people not holding their lines and jumping everywhere. Stayed near the front and watched for breaks, legs good but not as fresh as last weekend. Strong up the climb but let other people chase at the top. Several crashes. With 3 miles to the finish I was in the wrong place at the right time and went down with a dozen other riders as the bodies and bikes piles up in front of me. Someone rode across my back wheel as I slid across the pavement making it nearly impossible to ride once I got back up, though I forced it across the finish. The warm clothes minimized the damage (to me - the bike is another story). Oh, the joys of Bike racing.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Training and Results

Looks like they posted the race results on our 2 team websites.
Main Colavita team site -
SouthEast team site -
What is doesn't say is that our races were Cat 4 and 5's. Which means I need to move up. This weeks training consisted of:
Monday - 1 hour recovery ride
Tuesday - 1.5 hours gym + 2 hour Northlake ride
Wednesday - 1.5 hours with hill repeats (new route over near STN MTN)

My parents are coming into town today for a visit through the weekend. Family time with Aidan...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Georgia Cup - Gainesville Omnium

3 races this weekend, a time trial (Saturday morning), a road race (Saturday at 12:00) and a Criterium (Sunday). This is my first race on the Colavita Team, first time trial and first road race with Cat 4/5 riders. In the Georgia Cup I'm racing the Category 4/5 35+.

It rained all day Saturday, never very heavy just consistently. Joe Remling also race the omnium with me. He brought his Airstream up on Friday night which was great to get out of the rain, warm up before the race and clean up / eat between races. We had 4 other team riders in the Road race (Bill Bruning, Jim Phillips, Bill Kelly and Jerry Andrick).

Time Trial (TT) - 18th out of 43, 9 mile course, uphill 4.5 miles turn around and back. 22.2 mph avg - 0:23:57 - 183 avg hr. I believe I dosed my effort over the course to the best of my current ability. I don't have any aero equipment other then my clip-on TT bars so I could probably have gained a little time there. Having a good time here is the key to placing well in the omnium. Jeff Blau was flying and pulled out 7th.

Road Race (RR) - 6th out of 52, 56 miles, 2:27 minutes, 21.6 avg mph, 152 avg hr - 2 laps, rolling course with a steep 1 mile climb 4 miles from the finish. This was a fun race, most of our team sat on or near the front of the entire race with Bill Kelly doing a lot of work early. Jim Phillips sat on the front the entire race. Jerry Andrick and Bill Bruning both made attempts to break off the front but neither worked out. I stayed in the peloton near the front the entire race with Joe Remling and Bill Bruning, I was strong up the climb the first time around but got dropped from the lead pack of 15 or so riders on the second lap (Bill B and Jim were in this group). I worked with another rider to chase for 2 miles to get back onto the front group. I recovered and managed to get back up to the front before the sprint for the finish. Bill Bruning was on my wheel at the end and finished 10th.

Criterium (Crit) - 4th out of 61, was supposed to be 30 minutes plus 3 laps around a 0.61 mile course but for some reason we only raced for 21 minutes, 15 laps, 26 mph avg speed, 172 avg hr - after my warm-up I rode over to the course and ended up sitting in the back of the pack for the start 2 rows behind Bill Kelly. It took 3 laps or so to work my way up to the front (where Remling was at), sat there and guarded my position for the rest of the race. on the last lap I was in 4th position and we pulled away from the pack - only ended up with a 4 second gap by the end. 2 of the riders were much faster sprinters than I was and started my sprint too late to catch the guy who finished 3rd. Remling pulled out 17th. Fun race.

Overall finished 13th in the omnium out of about 47 people. Great first race for me and start to the season. Remling is racing his way back into shape and had a great showing for the weekend. Dana and Michele were also out there this weekend. This was a B race for me with my A race at the end of May – the Tour of Atlanta, 5 day stage race with 7 races.

TT elevation and my HR

RR elevation