Saturday, March 8, 2008

Wheels O'Fire... I mean Snow Ride

Reger, Matthew and I headed down near Callaway Gardens today for the annual WOF ride. Original plan was 68 miles. The 38 degree and dropping temperature and snow blizzard made us think 26 miles would probably be the limit. Oddly enough, 50 or so cars were also in the parking lot with people headed out for the ride... I guess we weren't the only idiots. Sudi from spin class was also there. Good amount of snow for the first hour then it stopped and the sun came out as well as the 20+ mph winds. I convinced the guys to do the 45 mile loop just before the winds hit us. Temp dropped a little then warmed up to 41 or so. Ended with 50 miles. Between the hills, wind and starting conditions... epic ride. A bit of whining and almost didn't start but I had a fun ride. Definitely one to remember. Reger has some pics on his blog here.

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