Thursday, March 13, 2008

Weekly Speed Rides are Back - Pizza Ride

Recovery week for me, easy 1 hour on Tues., 1.25 hours on Wed with some speed work and Pizza ride tonight. A little slower overall than normal but it was the first one of the season (19.7 mph avg). Great temp, 74 degrees, perfect. Around 50 people by the time we got to the park. Felt OK today, made an effort for the in-park sprint up the hill but blew up about 300 meters before the line. 2nd on the last sprint. Worked hard for it. Got the hr up to 199 for that. Good practice.

Realized my SportTracks software hasn't been reading the elevation correctly from my Garmin. Great (free) software but realized I had been climbing 2 to 3 times the amount that was being displayed, when it said total accent on the ride tonight was 512 feet. What? Try closer to 1500 feet. Which means we climbed 3000+ feet last Sat. and Sun.

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